Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sunbonnet Sue

Well it is July already. Where did June go? It was my 38th Wedding Anniversary! We celebrated  by going to a little hole in the wall restaurant just about 4 miles up the road. We really don't dine out much. Homebodies! It was really a treat to get some homemade Italian food that I didn't make myself. 

I have been working on Sunbonnet Sue. The theme this time is State Sues. I picked NY. Since I lived in NYC a million years ago (1965) I chose NYC. I only have a week left to finish my Sues! I am short four Sues and don't want to purchase anymore fabric so I have to get more creative for the last four. The fabric is from City Quilters in NYC. They have a line of NY fabric that they created. This one is of Time Square. So Sue is on an adventure in NYC!

When I finish my Sues, I will start working on my July Alzheimer's Quilt. The theme is Christmas or Holiday. I will have to see where my scraps lead me....or the giant rubbermaid tub of holiday prints I have, just waiting for that special quilt!