Sunday, December 30, 2018

Last Sunday in 2018 Stitches

Hi Everyone.
I missed posting last week. I did stitch everyday which is why I didn't post. I was EXHAUSTED! I think I slept most of the next 2 days. Its a blur now. I sewed until 5 minutes before my family came over for Christmas. I still owe 2 gifts. I did run out and get them gifts on Monday but its not the same. I just knew I was not going to get theirs done. I really did get a very early start on gifts this year but life interfered so many times that I am surprised at what I did accomplish.

I left the hardest gift making for last. As a matter of fact, the very last stitch on my daughters handbag killed my Janome. It hit a very big seam on the gusset. It should have been 6 layers but with the strap being off a bit, the needle hit 12 layers. Bent the needle and blew the fuse. I thought I bent the shaft but after researching it seems to only be the fuse. I took it to sewing machine spa. Hopefully the timing is not off. I had to pull out my class Janome and finished that last seam after cutting out as much layers as I could manage and still have the integrity of the bag.

The other handbag was done just before the one above. It gave me fits. Next time I decide to use a fabric with a strip shoot me. It is a very minor strip but lining it up to put in the zipper closure took me 2 hours and ripping it out 3x.

I was adding ribbon to a dress I made for my granddaughter just before the family got here. I thought I had other ribbon but I made do. I wanted to make her a fancy dress but that will have to wait for another day. 

It is to big but she loved it, that's all the matter. She did a lot of spinning in it! 

As for 2019, I decided that I will still track my daily sewing but not report the fabric in and out. I also decided that selecting a monthly goal was making me NOT want to do it until the last day of that month. Why? I have no idea. It felt like a punishment or something silly like that. 

I have retreat coming up in February. Hopefully I will get a few UFO tops to quilted status. I can dream!!!! LOL!!!

15 Minute Challenge:  
Week 52        7 of 6 days
2018 Total         291 of 363 days

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! See you in 2019!

Aileen in FL


  1. When I get to those thick seams, I always turn the hand wheel instead of using the foot pedal. It keeps me from jamming my machine and breaking needles.

  2. So sorry about your machine. Hopefully it comes back from the spa in ready to tackle all your 2019 projects. Thank you for being part of the 15 minutes to stitch linky party in 2018. Have a very happy New Year!


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