Saturday, August 25, 2012


So I joined a Blog Hop! Never done this before. I am really pumped to try it out. I am trying to be more creative this year. I work on small quilts mostly. AAQI is something I try to do every month.

In August I watched the progress of the Bowls with Borders Challenge and wished that I had know about it. They were just so cute! So when this challenge popped up I just had to join. I can't way to see which way this Blog Hop takes me!!

Happy Quilting, Happy Creating!!!

Sew we quilt

Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

I try to make a little quilt every month for AAQI. I love viewing all the quilts on line and on occasion I purchase someones beautiful quilt. 

My little quilt "Take A Hike" will be in the September Auction. I am so excited!!!! I am hoping it earns some money for AAQI!

UPDATE! "Take a Hike" earned 96.00 in the Auction!!! WOOT WOOT!

AAQI has recently updated its web page making it easy to Donate a quilt or find a quilt for sale..

Message from Ami Simms:

 The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative® ( is a national, grassroots charity whose mission is to raise awareness and fund research. The AAQI auctions and sells donated quilts, and sponsors a nationally touring exhibit of quilts about Alzheimer's. The AAQI has raised more than $747,000 since January 2006.

 So far this year we’ve raised about $56,000 through “priority” quilt sales, not counting the August auction. Last year in Houston we sold $62,000. Plus we have three more online auctions before the end of the year. (The November auction doesn’t count because that’s the Celebrity Invitational Quilt Auction, and those aren’t technically Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilts.)

If (and that’s a big “if”) we can do as well at Houston in 2012 as we did in 2011, and we have three auctions each bringing in $2,000 or more, we could generate $126,000 for the year in Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt sales alone.
So what’s the bottom line?

If you’re making a Priority: Alzheimer’s Quilt and have hopes for Houston, get it registered and in the mail by August 31st. That gives our volunteers 6 weeks to receive it, scan it, price it, tag it, and ship it from your house to Illinois, from Illinois to Michigan, and from Michigan to Texas.

Friday, August 10, 2012

August Clean up

I have been cleaning my sewing room this month. Well actually organizing, giving stuff away and throwing stuff away. It started with a search for a book I know I bought a few years ago.  I can't find it. It is Bonnie Hunter's Scraps and Shirtails. I know I bought it because after receiving her Leaders and Enders book in the mail, I rushed out and purchased it so I could make a scrappy quilt with my new "Scrap User's System"!

I was so frustrated that I took my Laptop to my sewing room and did an inventory of all my books. Ended up with 119 on the list. I found one duplicate. Still can't find that book! I now want to do my patterns, including the printouts I have been saving. I purged a full tall kitchen trash can of printout from when I was teaching quilting. I found several sample blocks in the manilla envelopes. More UFO's! Oh MY!!!!

Since August started I have mailed the AAQI quilt in. Joined Block Swap Adventure and mailed out Sunny's block.  Since I am also trying to kill off some UFO's, my daughter suggested I make my grandson a pillowcase with the John Deere fabric I bought for him and put the Name Block on it that has been hanging on my Design wall for several Months. He is 2 years old but very observant. I ran out of room on the wall so I turn it sideways. Every time he passed by he would say "sideways" instead of his name. I used the book called Word Play by Tonya Ricucci to make the letters. Easy and fun. Now I just need to loosen up and do some wonky lettering!

Louis said "Oh John Deere" then ran out of the room with the pillowcase in hand. Got to the living room and stop to look at it again. He proclaimed "SO CUTE"! I would say it was worth the time it took to make it! LOL!

 I received my block from Sunny for the Block Swap Adventure! Very Pretty. Thank you Sunny. The colors are just perfect. Just what I asked for!!   Now I need to make a few myself!!!

Sunny asked for a Star Block so I sent her this one. I hope she likes it!

I also received my Doll Swap Quilt! Thank you Jan it is Awesome.

Its hanging in the sewing room!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Fun

I finished my AAQI quilt early this time.  I wanted to do something different. I have been sewing crumbs together for weeks. They are fabrics that I used in other quilts. Some people call this "made fabric" or "crumb play". I stared at it on my design wall for a while, trying to decide what to do with it. While cleaning out my closet I came across lace with ribbon weaved into it. I thought the 2 things would look good together. It was so bright and cheery. I added some thread painting to the whole piece to make it pop. I do like the end result!

Fiesta Time
AAQI # 11373
made by 
Aileen Kline

Today while browsing in the Quilting Forum, someone posted that my AAQI quilts were posted at under the TQS/AAQI Challenge Wow that blew me away! I really enjoy making them. They are small enough to be quick and big enough to try new techniques.

Join the fight for a cure. Make a Alzheimer's Art Quilt. You will be glad you did!