Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lost in Transition

October is flying by like a witch on a broom...........
November...........I don't know where November disappeared to.

Many changes these last 2 month. Finally put down area rug over the tile in the living room. Once my toes started to get numb there was no point in waiting any more. My granddaughter, who is now 8 months is also starting to sit up and crawl and stand. So having a tile floor can be scary. Many tumbles while learning to find her way around in this new world.

I managed to quilt Scrappy Trip and Bricks and Stepping Stones. I also did some of the M word. Mend. Don't you just hate it when you decide to sew something and humans carrying clothing come by and drop them where you're working.! UGH!  Several pants and missing button.

On Thanksgiving my youngest daughter and grandson moved to a new home. Just down the street. Very exciting but made for a very weird Thanksgiving. In between cooking there was furniture flying out the door.

I got my floor space back after several years of daughters moving in and out. Every square inch in the house had something on it or in it.  I don't feel swallowed up by my space anymore. I cleaned the living room and started moving stuff into the new sewing area. Woot Woot! It is bright and cheerful in there. I purchased folding tables so I have a place to baste my quilts and I moved my Featherweight into that room. I even ordered an ironing station from JoAnn. That's the good news.

The bad news is my grandson is having trouble adjusting to Grandma's house. He is quite comfortable in his new home, but grandmas house is "Not Right". This made for a very unhappy grandma as well. I was so stressed that I could not sew anything. All my projects are just sitting there staring at me. Christmas is coming fast and I can't concentrate enough to sew.

After several days of struggling with an unhappy kid, yesterday we spend a good amount of time in my tiny sewing room. It is the only room that I did not change.  He played quietly without complaining or whining. So now I will just have to move one thing at a time. I will let him help me decorate the new sewing area. I just may keep both areas. I had so  many tubs of fabric, batting and crafts stuffed in closets nooks and crannies, I didn't know what I really have.

Sewing At Last!! 2 pillowcases for daughter in Seattle who loves owls!
One wall hanging for Grandson


I can't wait to get started this weekend on Bonnie Hunters Mystery. I have the fabric, now I just have to CUT CUT CUT and SEW SEW SEW!

Aileen in FL

My Project list

Start 2 sewing quilts for daughter
Start Celtic Solstice
Finish UFO sampler quilt.
Make a small wall hanging for Louie's room
Reorganize my fabric.
Sort and cut scraps up. (Have a box of these again)!