Friday, February 14, 2014

Freezing in FL

It has been cold in Florida on and off.  My friends up north are so snowed in that I feel bad complaining. One day very cold, then in the 70's in the afternoon. Have not taken so much Airborne in my life. I have skirted many a cold and flu this season. I know it will get me eventually! Hubbie is sick, sick, sick. This man never gets sick. Head and chest at the same time. Needless to say, I am getting him what he needs then high tailing it out of the room to a neutral germ free corner. At least I can dream. Right!

January Resolution was to get organized. With a lot of help from my husband, my sewing area is now 11 x 13 feet. Both sewing machines are in the same room. Extension table for machine quilting on the Janome is attached to the wall. WOOT! No more moving furniture to make the area hold the weight of the quilt! Just need to get better lighting. One bulb is just not going to do it with these old eyes.

I have sorted all my fabric.....well all that I have found. You know somewhere there is an allusive tub of fabric that will show up when I think I have finished. The other sewing room (8 x 10 on a good day) at opposite end of the house, will be used for drawing patterns and crafting. The lighting is better in there. Also will hold 90 percent of my fabric until I can figure out what I can do with 41 years of Christmas ornaments and memories. Ironing station is in my bedroom across the hall. Safer when grandson is around.

I did have a setback. Tried to nail 6 nails into the wall to hang up my rulers. They bit back and my neck and shoulder have been in a great deal of pain. No amount of meds, hotpads or cold packs is relieving it. All I can hope is that it is a sprain and not any damage to my cervical spine plate. Its been 5 days and it hurts just the same as day one.

Not to be defeated by nails, I woke at 1 am and sorted out the strings in color families and a bucket of crumbs was born. Then went back to bed with the hotpad for a few more winks. Tonights adventure will be to empty my 6 little drawers into a box and then actually put what I really need in them. Tomorrow I will cut the small stack of odd fabric for the scrap system. I was in better shape than I thought!

Well on my way to finishing Resolutions #1, 2 and 3.
Next tub is the UFO tub.... a lot of forgotten souls in there. Time to find them a home.

As for Louie's wallhanging.  I finished it last Friday and gave it to him to take home. Told him to find the hearts. He really like it!.

Hope where you are is Warm and Cozy. Heading back to my warm Easy Street quilt and dreams of fabric fairies finishing my sewing room
Aileen in Florida

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Ground Hogs and Super Bowl

Happy February everyone!

 Today is Hubsters 60th birthday. Happy Birthday Steve! My favorite Ground Hog!

Awesome Win by Sea Hawks!!

Family came over to celebrate! Was terrific seeing the kids . Baby Raina took her first solo steps the other day and has been trying them out while here. She is very curious about everything. I spent 2 hours cleaning carpets and floors so she could cruise at will. Child proofing once again. Loved walking her from place to place. She is very independent. My daughter is going to have her hands full for sure!

2014 NewFO ChallengeCheck out what everyone started in January! You're not alone!!!!

I did get a few things accomplished in January!

January was Louie's 4th  birthday. He is Angry Bird CRAZY!!! He comes to visit with a large plastic shopping bag filled to the brim with his Angry Birds, Bad Piggies and just for good measure a few mini monster trucks. He received angry bird everything.  I made him a pillow case and 2 pairs of Pajama pants. He loved them and used them right away.

After Christmas we hit Joann's. They were having 50 % off a lot of fabric. Louie tells me he see Angry bird fabric. I don't see anything. He insists it is right there.  I turn the corner and he points half way across the store to the far wall up on to the top shelf. There on top is Fleece fabric with Angry Birds and Helmet Pig.  I get my number and have associate check for me. I still don't see any pigs on it all. She gets it down and he tells me he wants enough to cover him on the couch and bed. 40 % off for something I know he will use, sure why not! Got home and hemmed it for him. We also found a 12 inch Red Bird for 3.00 at Kmart. He was in Angry bird heaven . Now that s one happy kid!

These are very late. I wanted to get them done for Christmas. Too much on my plate so I tackled them after New years.

My daughter needs a new quilt for her bed. I made them one  almost 11 years ago. I intended to make them one for their 10 anniversary and then pushed it to Christmas. Then pushed it again.
She is short and he is tall. As many couples do, they have blanket wars. I decided to make  two blankets that are alike, This way they can make the bed and it looks like one blanket.  I wanted fast and Big Blocks. They came out to 16 1/2 inches These are some of the blocks. There are forty 48 blocks. All were suppose to be cut like Bento blocks but she likes them 1/2 and 1/2 . This now requires trimming down 24 blocks to the size of the Bento blocks. Because they both love Skulls, there are many skull fabrics in there. Even a zombie fabric.  Many of the ladies at the Forum donated skull fabric to my cause. Originally the skull fabric were going to be 4 patch cornerstones. I received so many pieces that the Bento blocks would be a better way to show the fabrics,


After getting a uniform size, I will be adding a black boarder to all the blocks.  Just hoping this is done by there 11th Anniversary in May or is it June??????

Working on Valentines wall hanging for Louie, I made him a Birthday cake one last year. He informed me the other day that it is not right. I asked why. He says not my birthday anymore. He's way of saying get on the ball grandma and do something! So I started these.

Hope everyone is safe and warm.
Happy February!

Sew and make someone happy, even if it is just YOU!

Aileen in Florida