Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lost in Transition

October is flying by like a witch on a broom...........
November...........I don't know where November disappeared to.

Many changes these last 2 month. Finally put down area rug over the tile in the living room. Once my toes started to get numb there was no point in waiting any more. My granddaughter, who is now 8 months is also starting to sit up and crawl and stand. So having a tile floor can be scary. Many tumbles while learning to find her way around in this new world.

I managed to quilt Scrappy Trip and Bricks and Stepping Stones. I also did some of the M word. Mend. Don't you just hate it when you decide to sew something and humans carrying clothing come by and drop them where you're working.! UGH!  Several pants and missing button.

On Thanksgiving my youngest daughter and grandson moved to a new home. Just down the street. Very exciting but made for a very weird Thanksgiving. In between cooking there was furniture flying out the door.

I got my floor space back after several years of daughters moving in and out. Every square inch in the house had something on it or in it.  I don't feel swallowed up by my space anymore. I cleaned the living room and started moving stuff into the new sewing area. Woot Woot! It is bright and cheerful in there. I purchased folding tables so I have a place to baste my quilts and I moved my Featherweight into that room. I even ordered an ironing station from JoAnn. That's the good news.

The bad news is my grandson is having trouble adjusting to Grandma's house. He is quite comfortable in his new home, but grandmas house is "Not Right". This made for a very unhappy grandma as well. I was so stressed that I could not sew anything. All my projects are just sitting there staring at me. Christmas is coming fast and I can't concentrate enough to sew.

After several days of struggling with an unhappy kid, yesterday we spend a good amount of time in my tiny sewing room. It is the only room that I did not change.  He played quietly without complaining or whining. So now I will just have to move one thing at a time. I will let him help me decorate the new sewing area. I just may keep both areas. I had so  many tubs of fabric, batting and crafts stuffed in closets nooks and crannies, I didn't know what I really have.

Sewing At Last!! 2 pillowcases for daughter in Seattle who loves owls!
One wall hanging for Grandson


I can't wait to get started this weekend on Bonnie Hunters Mystery. I have the fabric, now I just have to CUT CUT CUT and SEW SEW SEW!

Aileen in FL

My Project list

Start 2 sewing quilts for daughter
Start Celtic Solstice
Finish UFO sampler quilt.
Make a small wall hanging for Louie's room
Reorganize my fabric.
Sort and cut scraps up. (Have a box of these again)!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Sept - Time to Organize

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What have you been working on. Share your month with other quilters!

It seems that the whole month has flown by so fast. I didn't really sew very much because I am still recovering from the surgery. Sitting idle is not one of my strengths. I either tend to get depressed or overwhelmed. So time to get the brain thinking. Can you hear it ticking.........

I started the month cutting up blue bricks for my Healing Hearts, road to recovery quilt. Many ladies from the online Quilting Forum and a few from my guild sent me some blue strings and bricks. I went through my scrap box and pulled all the blue in there. I currently have about 600 bricks, but need many more. Thank you Ladies for both the hearts and the bricks.

Now What????????? My sewing is limited due do to my range of motion after surgery........ SO

I decided that I would take September to re-evaluate my sewing area, Too much clutter, too many UFO's, too many things I want to do at the same time. So where to being.

I looked for wasted space. Where can I get some more footage for my sewing. What do I need.


1: I need a space that I can leave set up for piecing
2: I need a space for machine quilting all those UFO's.
3: I need to give away stuff I don't need, that is in my way.
4: I need it to be peaceful and organized space.

This is a short list but it caused a landslide of changes. The only available space was in my bedroom.
I gave my dresser to my daughter for her son. I also gave my other daughter a very small cabinet that had tiny drawers. Though I liked the cabinet, because it was made in the 1930's, it was useless for my needs. Then I had to find a place for that stuff. So that meant cleaning out the closet and getting rid a things I have not used in 2 or more years. My closet is small but you can walk in it. There were 4 tubs of useless things in there. The kind of things that are not broken so you put them aside. When you go back to them later you don't know why you just didn't get rid of them in the first place. Salvation Army here I come!

I moved a set of plastic drawers into the closet to hold the clothes that were in the dresser. Had my girls move my bed over about 3 feet to one side. Checked Craigslist and got a really nice desk for 40.00 bucks. When It arrived I liked it so much that instead of using it for my Featherweight, it ended up replacing the table I was currently using as my desk. So now I needed another desk.  We did find another one but it was not as nice. Not real wood. It will serve for my Featherweight. It's saving grace is that the drawers are on the left side, giving me  space for a cutting mat and light, right next to the machine. The table I was using as a desk became a work area for ironing etc. Under it is my scrap system tubs. All ready to be used!.

I am still cleaning up my sewing room. Removed a table I had set up for my grandson and let him bring in his Mega Blocks. This keeps him from being at my elbow 24/7 when I am sewing. Last night I was able to sandwich a quilt and set up the Janome in my sewing room to quilt. If I had a large enough room for a studio I would have it all in one place. This set up is working out quite well. I can do either piecing or quilting. If I get tired of one, I can go do the other. I was able to knock out 40 spools blocks in a week just by piecing a little at a time in my bedroom.

My To Do List for October.

1: Quilt Scrap Happy Trip lap top. (sandwiched and ready to go)
2: Quilt Louie's Bricks and Stepping Stones - need to sandwich
3: Piece quilt for granddaughter for playing on the floor - fabric is ironed
4: Finish blocks from Scrappy sampler from 2009.- 2 blocks left to go
5: Do some strip piecing for future UFO's
6: Make a few smalls for Christmas gifts.

Bonus Project.
2010 Mystery Quilt from About.com. The top has been done for 3 years just needs to sandwich it! Would love to send it off to relative by Christmas. We will see!

Happy Quilting!

Aileen in Florida

Saturday, August 31, 2013

August Roared ~ NewFO

Well I have to say that August is a blur. It roared in full force. Many things to repair this month including myself.

Early in the month I had gone to the doctor and was advised that I would need another spine surgery. Ouch! Well that did kick me into gear. I know that I would be useless for several months to come.

With a great deal of help from my daughter, we started cleaning up my bedroom. That meant closet, dresser etc. After finishing my Easy Street quilt and making new curtains, it was plain to see that I needed to finish the job and do some very overdue spring/summer cleaning.

We emptied out my dresser and passed it on to my grandson. Cleaned out my closet and donated stuff to the good old Salvation army that I have not worn in 3 years or more. Also got rid of paper. Tons of papers that I didn't need.  Shredder was on fire!. Arranged all my clothing for easy access.  She even changed the nightstand to opposite side of the bed because I will not be able to sleep the same way  for a long while.

With that done, I decided to at least start one Project for my on going Post-Op recovery therapy. I chose Bonnie K Hunters pattern called Bricks & Stepping Stones . This quilt will be for my grandson Louie. He does need a  twin size quilt. The ones I made him before are toddler size.

After two restarts I finally got the black & white 4 patches completed. I forgot to check my quarter inch seam! My Bad!!
Parts Dept

A sewed a few into pairs and hung them just to take a look. Tomorrow I will try to sew awhile and then lay them out better. I did make the bricks longer than the pattern calls for, so I could make less of them. I can only sew for 15 minutes at a time. You can get a lot done in fifteen little minutes! ;o)


I would like to thank everyone who prayed for me to make it through. I really appreciate all the prayers and warm wishes for a speedy recovery.

I would also like to thank all the ladies that sent me healing hearts for my first surgery, and the group of ladies that are now sending me the blue 2 x 3 1/2 inch strips. I will use the strips to put all those healing hearts together. Working title - Healing Hearts on the road to recovery.....

Thank You All!

Happy Quilting,
Aileen in Florida

Friday, July 26, 2013

July FO Celebrations

It is July already. Time is flying by at the speed of light. My oldest daughter arrived with family in tow after a horrendous journey.  Their RV engine caught fire 2 hours into the journey. No one was injured. No possessions lost but a lot of stress and anxiety. They had been running on Murphy's law for weeks. They are here safe and sound now.

I got to hold my new granddaughter minutes after their arrival. The smell of a new baby is intoxicating, isn't it!
Logan seems to have grown a whole foot since seeing him last. He loves his quilt!

July is also my middle daughters birthday. It is a milestone year for her. She turns 30. Gosh, where has the time gone? As I remember it , that summer was really hot. Or was it just hot because we lived in a one bedroom apartment in NJ with no air conditioner. I couldn't wait for her to arrive. She was a preemie and showed up on the 21st. Life has never been the same since. I wanted to make her a birthday cake wall hanging but was that really going to mark 30 years? So instead I decided to make her an Owl wall hanging that just sings summer.

"My Summer Baby"
Shara  Loves IT!
I am determined to get my Easy Street quilt sandwiched and quilted. I want it on my bed by the end of the month. I have pushed it aside for months, making things for others. I need to look at something new and fresh when I wake up in the morning. I have made new curtains for my room, since the celestial ones just won't do!

Easy Street in Progress!

It's Done!!!!!

I was able to sew the blocks for Scrappy Trips last week. If  I can finish it by August I may be able to put the Christmas lap quilt away at last. Louie likes to snuggle with me at night using that quilt. It will be nice to have a new one to share at TV time!


Still needs a border but I am closer to finishing than before...

I made my final AAQI mini quilt. Deadline is July 31, 2013. It came out cute!

Duck n Out
By Aileen Kline

What's up for August? Maybe a baby quilt for a friend  He is almost a year old. Nice to get it done before he is a teenager!

See what everyone else has been up to here at NEWFO Linky Party

Happy Quilting
Aileen in Florida

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spooling around!

I was tempted into participating in the July 2012 Spool Challenge from Bonnie K Hunter. I cut an sewed a few spools and then went back to my old ways. While finishing Orca Bay I really started applying myself to my leader and enders project. Then came the Easy Street quilt. Another bunch of spools just piling up! Many small projects later I find that I have about 120 spools and another 150 cut out ready to go. They are addictive! These are my batches of tens.

 While I was at it I also started sewing string blocks.  Strings Strings Strings.... Can't make just one.

Join Bonnie in the linky for Spools HERE  or try out the split 9 challenge for July 2013. HERE!

Before you know it you will have enough blocks done for another quilt just using your scraps!!!

Monday, July 8, 2013

June FO. Push to the finishline

I have to say that June flew. My oldest daughter is moving back home. We had a lot of cleaning and painting to do. Thank goodness for an able bodied sister. I myself was quite useless in many ways. My biggest strength was my wallet.  Carri was painting for 3 days none stop. Amber has a new born so we needed it done before they get here due to fumes. Not my color pallet that is for sure. Dark Teal and grey for master bedroom. Logan's bedroom, Appletini. My Easy Street quilt would look good in there but he CAN"T have it. So I am making him a quilt at the speed of light. Big block.

We made many runs to Home Depot. Grandson Louie was just over the moon looking at all the tools and paints.  Here is the only picture we took. I look like death warmed over as my pain level was through the roof. Many people stopped and talk to Louie. I told them it was his maiden voyage to the Hardware Store!! He came home with color swatches and paint sticks which he is using as parking spaces for his Hotwheels! LOL

I did finish my top for Easy Street but have not been able to sandwich it as yet. Even bought the backing  as one solid piece. Just don't have the time to piece anything. Can't wait to finish it and make some curtains to match! I did a border with a purple strip and finished with a teal . Looks so cheery. I need cheery!

Was able to make all the pieces for the Scrappy trip quilt too. Another one that needs to be sandwiched.

Logan's quilt should be finished in the next few day. They will be here around the 4th of July!. I made a dust ruffle for his bed so that mattress would not show. Really easy and used a piece of really flimsy fabric to sew it to. Since it is under the mattress does not matter. Still trying to use my stash. The 4 yards of fabric that got heat damaged in my closet served as the dust ruffle. Navy with large snow flakes. I really needed something to tone down that Very loud Appletini! New carpet is also green. I thought it was more forest green but now looks emerald green against the Apple walls. So what is a grandma to do. Logans favorite color is green. I pulled out all my green fabrics and pieced a green, navy and yellow top. No pattern just speed sewing. Louie helped by picking the next strip to be sewed on. He was very excited to help grandma! I used all the fabric that I had left over from the front for the backing panel. Bad picture but I was in a hurry! He loves it!!

Also been working on Louies quilt, but it is taking me forever to sew the 4 patches. The first 30 had a very bad 1/4 inch. I started ripping them out but realized I could get more done if I just started over and bagged them for future TV ripping project.

Also working on middle daughters wall hanging for her birthday. Can't post anything here. She reads my blog!

Happy Quilting

Aileen from Florida

Friday, May 31, 2013


What to say about May....if flew that's for sure!

MY month was a little rough. I had two venous ablations. I am very bruised to say the least. I get to wear those lovely support hose from ankle to groin.  My hope is that in the end I will walk better that I have lately. Two more procedures to go. but not for several weeks. Thank goodness!

  I really rely on my cellphone to remind me what I accomplished every month. I seem to use the cellphone camera more than I do my Olympus camera. I learned how to use an app called Photo Grid. It is quick and easy and free. I wanted something that I could group pictures with so that I did not have a 5 foot length of shots when just showing little differences in things like sewing technique.

Grandson Louis got an opportunity to go to the beach. Its been a few years since I have gone. Being that I live in Florida and am surrounded by water, that is a real shame.

He had a terrific time! His favorite thing to do was throw seashells at the seagulls, who kept swooping down looking for food.
In May we celebrate my 1st Grandson Logan's birthday. He turned 9 this year. I can't believe all that time has past. The newest addition to Logan's family is his sister Raina born  in March. For his party, at his other grandmas house, he asked his mother to dress Raina up in her pretty outfit including headband. Logan on the other hand went in his favorite skull pajamas that are 4 sized to big! LOL .
Looks like they had a great time!
I spent the month nursing my legs and cleaning my sewing room. Scraps, drawers etc. I made a few more e-book stands and mailed them to my daughter in Seattle. The little one is a matching phone stand.

Can you tell by the pictures which one my daughter wants for herself?

I also made my AAQI mini quilt. I really like this one.

 Summer Breeze
Aileen Kline
There are only 2 more months to donate a quilt to the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative! Don't delay, the Dealine is July 31, 2013. Ami's goal is to bring 2,500 quilts to the Houston Show in November.
They are so close to raising the $1,000,000 Dollars for research. This disease  touches every family in every country on earth! I may need this help in the future. Donate or purchase a quilt today!
Lastly, I pulled out my Easy Street Quilt blocks and batting. Time to finish it. I would like an nice summer weight quilt to enjoy on my bed!
Happy Quilting to all!
Aileen in Florida

**linking up with Cat Patches for NewFO**

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April NewFO

It has been a very long month for the family. A new  granddaughter born one Friday and the next Friday the father gets in a very bad car accident. Thankfully he survived to tell about it. He is home recovering with his family.

SO I can say that I did a lot of therapeutic sewing.

First off  I cleaned my sewing room. There just is no way I can create in a mess. Once the process has started, that is a whole other story. LOL

I had put my "All About Me" wall hanging on hold to produce some lovely goodies for my new grandbaby girl. It was time to finish Grandma and Louie in the sewing room! Louie is my constant companion. I didn't want this wall hanging to turn into the eternal UFO.


I cut and sewed more 9 patches and Scrappy trip blocks and spools. I needed to keep the leaders and enders flowing! After all life gives you opportunities to show your love through handmade gifts all year round.

Next, I had a deadline for a Think Spring Quilt for the Forum. I made a background then I was stymied. I just could not leave it all 9 patches. To Blah. Then I had to redefine what spring is to me. In West Florida spring begins with it the Strawberry Festival. After drawing the most sick looking strawberries, I realize that the fruits and vegetables in the grocery store really catch your eye this time of year! The smell pulls you over to the produce department every time!

I have been into fusible everything of late. With a pair of sharp scissors, I started to cut out veggies and a basket.  My final creation is Spring Harvest. If the quilt requirements had been bigger, I would have just kept on going.  I hope Chris likes it as much as I do.

I made a little quilt for AAQI as I do every month. I think I had super burn out because it did not turn out how I saw it in my head. I sent it in anyway because I promise myself that I would make one every month and have since February 2011.  I will do better for May! I guess they all can't be winners.

 Time is running out. August 1 is not that far away. It will be the last time I can send a mini quilt in. I am hoping that Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative goes out having reached the One Million dollar goal and exceeding it as well . I may be one of the people that benefits from the research done today.


Way back, I don't remember when, I made a e-book stand for my middle daughter. Her friends flipped and wanted one. The holidays came and went. Then the marathon baby sewing happen.
I needed to sew but still take a breather from quilts.  So for the last few days I have been making them. Since I had frogs on the brain from the AAQI quilt, I decided to make one for my friend Maggie. She is a good neighbor and friend. I have been meaning to make her something with frogs since I doggie sat for her and notice all the little frogs laying about her house. I made the stand and the e-book bag as well.

She is the hand model in the picture!

May promises to be a happy month! I am determined to go back to my Easy Street Quilt. I am the only one that does not have a full size quilt on my bed. It is my turn.

Also on my list is to make enough Scrappy Trip blocks to put together a lap quilt for the living room. I still have the Christmas one out. It is just the right size for the arm chair snooze grandma needs once in a while. ;o)

Happy Sewing  and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Aileen in FL

Thursday, April 4, 2013

March FO and other stuff

Well, that was a very fast March. I sewed and sewed and was able to get all the baby stuff (60+ items) out to my Daughter. I am a Grandma for the 3rd time. 1st little girl. Raina  was born March 29th. 8 lbs 14 oz , 21 in.

Here she is sporting one of Grandmas receiving blankets!

I was so wiped out from sewing that I cleaned my machine and didn't touch it for a week. Instead of sewing, I found a Rubbermaid tote with about 15 pounds of fabric from 1999 and washed and assorted the fabric. Since I only have a few things on the burner, I decided to make some 9 patches from this fabric as leaders and enders. Also cut a bunch more spool leaders and enders.

From the 9 patches I made on small quilt for a Forum friend. Just have to make the label and in the mail it will go.

I was aiming for a Spring look but it also looks like it could be used during Christmas Holidays. She favors red so I used red as an accent instead of pink. I hope she likes it!

Still have many strips to piece together. I want to have many units of 4 patches, 9 patches & 1/2 squares etc , to work with.

I am still working on my Scrappy Trips and it is coming along nicely. Have about 6 blocks made and a total of 32 cut out and ready to sew. This will be my throw for in the living room so I can put away the Christmas throw. It is just to snuggly to put away!

My goal for April is to finish my Easy Street quilt and have it on my bed by the end of the month! Hey I can dream!!!

Aileen in Florida

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Baby Stuff & A Review

Well the race is on. I have been making little things for the new baby coming March 29th. My daughter still has yet to pick a name. She says she wants a neutral name but has not found one she likes. Right now the baby is called Spike since it kicks the heck out of her!

I saved the hardest for last. The all important Diaper Bag. I had a pattern but it was too small. I searched the internet to purchase one but the prices were ridiculous! $60 to $260 + and still not enough pockets. I finally stumbled onto warehouse fabrics inc. They have a blog with a diaper pattern. Lots of pockets, lots of potential! at 20 x 13 it was big enough. Lots of pictures! That is what I like. Visual aids!

I used the ultra firm fuse on stabilizer. This was a good idea at the time but if you have arthritis this is not for you. My hands hurts for days after turning the outer part inside out.

So stiff it stands by itself!  Then came making the inside.  Since the outside was so firm, the inside seemed flimsy. I added fusible web to all the inside fabric enough though the pattern did not call for it. I added a pocket to the inside divider as well. Now for assembly. I kept having nightmares about having to pull that stiff outer shell through the side of the inside piece. Oh my, was I going to be able to do this without ripping the fabric?

This sandwich was so thick that I broke a needle on it! I had to move the machine away from the wall too. The whole thing kept getting stuck on the wall. Turning this inside out was 10 x harder than the outer shell. My hands were throbbing for hours. Now we have an awesome bag with lots of pockets inside and out.

Another issue I was dealing with was how to close the bag. It was so thick that I knew the magnetic snap was a waste of time. I couldn't figure out how to insert a zipper, so Velcro was the next best idea. I added a Flap!

I ended up putting 2 strips of Velcro on the flap in white and 2 strips of Velcro on the bag in black. This way it is secure if she over stuffs the bag.

4 days and 30 hours of labor...the bag is done! Yes you do see skulls on the fabric. My daughter has quite a different taste in fabric than her mother!

This is Carri modeling the bag for her sister who lives in Upstate New York!
Finishing touch
 UPDATE :Added the button today and off in the mail it went!
Hope you like it!
I also finished the baby blanket. This is in soft pastels on the front using the Arrow pattern by Anita Grossman Solomon and a skull pink hounds tooth fabric on the back.

Now onto the crib sheets!

The Modern Quilt. What is it??

I asked myself that question several times as I come across some beautiful quilts on the internet. What am I looking at? The quilts are very appealing. What makes them modern?

Editor in Chief of McCall Quilting, Beth Hayes says it best. “

“Modern quilts are notable for their minimalist aesthetic, use of bright, bold colors with large doses of white and other neutral solids, asymmetrical designs, and free-form piecing.”

They are many things, especially Fun! A new twist on an old idea, and everything in between. Quilting has evolved from utilitarian to 5,000 + pieced beauties with quilting that can literally make a quilt stand up on it’s owe.  The simplicity of many of the “Modern Quilts” reminds me of the abstract artist of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s.

McCall Quilting has provided this free link to 3 beautiful Modern Quilt Patterns. I especially like the Lemon Squeezy designed by Sherri Driver. I have made a few Quilt as You Go quilts but never thought of making them in this scale. You can make a whole baby quilt in to time flat, using this method and it is already quilted!

Happy Quilting

Aileen in FL

Monday, March 4, 2013

Giveaway, AAQI and Stuff


Morning Everyone!

Welcome to March. It is  suppose to be heading for spring but it is only 41 degrees today here in FL. Sweat shirt hoodies being worn all over the house.

Giveaway winner is Linda W. from Ohio!
Winner was selected at random. I hope Linda likes the fabrics!

I want to thank everyone that left a comment on my blog for "It's All About Me"! I so appreciate the great comments. Sometimes you just have to hear it from someone else, that you are heading in the right direction.
I came in as one of the top 3 for February 21 in the ALL ABOUT ME blog hop challenge! What fun!!!
Louie just loves this wall hanging and is still putting his nose on the sewing table! Click HERE for full story!

February AAQI Quilt

Sprint to Spring
Aileen Kline

I continue with my commitment to Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. They will stop collecting quilts August 1, 2013. I am determined to make at least one a month to the very end.
Someday I may be a recipient of the leaps forward made in Alzheimer's research do to this worthy cause. The goal is $1 million dollars by the December 31, 2013. I don't see why that can't be achieved if everyone pitches in. I make all my little quilts from scraps. The hardest part is sending them off in the mail!
and Stuff - NewFO
My oldest daughter is expecting her second child. It's a girl. With the help of her sister, I have been able to make a lot of little things for her. I wish that I had time to make them for myself when I was younger. It has been a lot of fun. I am by no means near finished but the pile is growing daily and the baby is due at the end of March. Time is really flying.
Her taste in fabric is not my taste. Not even in the same ballpark, but these are made with love from both of us.


Receiving Blanket

3 Receiving blankets, 12 burp rags, changing mat. I also made about a dozen breast covers since she will be nursing.
The oddest thing I made was a Nursing cover. It is kinda like a apron but does not tie in the back. You just put it on for privacy while nursing in public, etc. The fabric is skulls, which by the pink receiving blanket. gives away her fabric preference! LOL
I added a pocket in an angle with a key ring and carabener, so she can have easy access to her cellphone and keys. I did make it reversible, with a more sedate fabric on the back.

Happy Quilt to All !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's All About Me.

Thanks to Madame Samm and Marlene for this blog hop. Also a big thank you to Amy Bradley for the cute design. I jumped at the chance to do this hop.

I thought about it for weeks and could not make up my mind what I wanted to do. I am not a little bit biased, so I needed to say something else. But What? 

This past 2 years I have become a Scrap-o-holic! I have made so may things without even going into my stash. Just what is in the scrap bins. Yet this was not speaking to me either. 

Then along came my daughter. She has been helping me with baby gifts for her sister. She does all the ironing and cutting and I do all the sewing. Good trade off. What she said clinched it for me. " What about Louie looking over your shoulder"! What? What? Well there it was!  Just the right thing. The true statement that made me fly through this creation.

I only started sewing this on the 15th. That is how blocked I was.

Louie is my 3 year old grandson.  He has been hanging out in my sewing room since he was 1 1/2 years old. Every day I hear him running across the house saying he is going to play with Grandma. His fascination with what I created is second to none.One of Louie's favorite things is to watch me clean the machine. If he could insert himself into my skin for a better look, he would. He is also a scrap-o-holic. His favorite thing to do with scraps is bury his cars in a "Fabric Cave". I have given him his own table in my 10 x 10 foot room and still he is quite often literally under my armpit watching me sew.

For me and Louie, quilting is Play Time!

**Today Louie decided that he would imitate art by putting a red car and his nose on the sewing table ! **
We laughed so hard!


Just a little GIVEAWAY for stopping by. 

Please leave a comment to enter the giveaway.

This is a fabric bundle by Ellen Edith. Enough fabric to make a kids quilt. Very bright and cheery!

Thank you for stopping by. Happy Quilting!


See what the other creative people are up to!

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