Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Oy Vey

It's half way through October. I just can't believe it.  The month was very busy. Filled with the flu, runny noses and doctor appoints for the grand kids and myself. The main problem is this is the final month to turn in our forms for the quilts we want in the quilt show in 2018. We were asked to be good quilters and NOT wait until the last minute. Sigh. Life interferes with good intentions.

I have 2 quilt tops done that i can submit. I have never had a quilt in a show. My youngest daughter had her 1st quilt in a show at age 8.  She used that quilt until it was a rag and then we made it into a dog blanket. The dog loved it so much that after several years of use it became a rage again. I took what was let of it and made a very small quilt for him to sit on by the television. There is nothing like watching a grown Lab nuzzle a freshly washed quilt the size of a square table runner. Ha Ha. Eventually I made him a brand new quilt. What a happy dog. It was a QAYO.

I have tried several times to put quilts in shows but made the mistake of giving the recipient their quilts for Christmas then asking to borrow them. NOPE! Though I was annoyed, it really is a compliment that they are afraid to part with said quilt. "It might get stolen", they say! I just had to laugh.

The problem I face today is that I also have a piece of challenge fabric for the Art Quilt challenge 2018. I have drawn no less that 10 ideas and nothing satisfied me. I have to put something together today if I want it in the show. The deadline is this Thursday, 2 days from now. Talk about procrastination! I can choose to skip it but I feel guilty.

On Sunday I was determined to cut some pieces to put on the background I made for the quilt challenge piece. So much for plans. I was still procrastinating anyway...

My daughter dropped by with 3 kids in tow and a red T-shirt. My grandson wants to be Robin from Teen Titans Go. Okay?? Well a few hours later the shirt is done. I cut up my only green T-shirt to make the sleeves. I still have to squeeze a pair of pants out of the rest of that shirt but will wait till the weekend to tackle it. Good thing he is long and skinny!

Louie striking a pose. Too funny. There is a t-shirt cape sewed to the collar. It was just the collar of another shirt with a triangle shaped piece hanging from it. He doesn't like anything touching his neck. So I sewed the black collar onto the red shirt about an inch below the original one, then cut off the red collar. It was so easy because the t-shirt didn't stretch all over the place. 

Its time for me to put fabric on that background. It doesn't have to be done until February 2018 but requires a picture to show colors used etc.

Heading to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.....

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida