Friday, November 25, 2011

Orca Bay Part 2!

So I finished the 224 HGU plus 12 more just in case some are wonky. Still have to trim and square up but the sewing is done.

Now to start sorting strings and getting my paper piecing tissue to start sewing. I decided to look through my ancient clothing patterns and use one of those. Should rip off easily.

I found one that is my mothers from the 60's she never even used. 
It reminds me of something Donna Reed would wear. Fitted and don't forget the Pearls!!
The cost of the pattern in 1960's  was 60 cents!  The next one was a Kaftan I must have made 10 times in the 70's. Cost of pattern $1.00!  The kid pattern $2.25 circa 1982  and the Baptism outfit pattern also 1982 is $3.00. Try to buy that pattern now for under 10.00!

Well the ladies in the Forum are telling me that I should not cut up vintage patterns that have never been used. May be able to sell them on eBay.  Okay, okay, will rethink it.


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  1. Hi Aileen. Your HGUs look great - love your chocolatey fabrics. mmm I used the phone book for my foundations. I agree that you should keep your old patterns.