Friday, December 16, 2011

Seasons Greetings!

It is December 16th. My birthday is Saturday. We bought a real Christmas Tree this year. It has been a very rough year for most of my family. I would like to end this year with "Good Cheer" and "Happy Memories".

We have one daughter home with us and a wonderful grandson here as well. Louis will be 2 years old in January. Its been a few years since we decorated the house. I think that is just what we need, some Christmas decorating to make everything festive! Maybe even bake some cookies to get the holiday smell into our home!

First we are going to need a few Christmas stockings for my daughter and grandson. Hopefully he will learn to recognize his name! Wouldn't that be a plus. Next we need to clean up the living room and get cracking with the decorations! There are a lot of very old ornaments I have not seen for a while. We will have to make a few for the Grandbaby!

So decorating the tree is full swing. Baby Louis is thrilled at looking at the lights and the ornaments. His mom is working hard putting up the lights and ornaments, Christmas music playing softly. It will be a very special Christmas this year!


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  1. Precious Kitty laying on your quilt! Hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family. Have you started the Ohio Blocks yet? They sew up quickly. there's only 56 to do. Have a very Happy New Year Aileen.