Thursday, July 12, 2012

July - Summer Rains

It has been raining on and off all month. After the flooding in the beginning of the month, it was quiet for 4 days. The rain is now back. In some ways it is refreshing. Everything gets that lush green color. Flowers bloom like crazy and the birds, frogs, crickets and bugs start singing up a storm again. The muggy will kill you, but that is just part of living in Florida.

I have been home for a very long time. Nine months. I can't do much but I keep trying.  It hurts to do anything. Even sewing can leave me wiped out after just 1/2 an hour. The final result is worth it. Sewing is my go to for mental health. It is food for my psyche and I need that. Fabric-ology if you will. 

For the last 2 weeks I have been trying to make a gift for my daughter for her birthday and the little quilt for Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative. Both are very small projects. Both having the same deadline of  July 21st. Both need to be mailed out.  I also signed up for a Doll quilt swap that is due by August 4th. I started working on the doll quilt the end of June. After piecing the 8 sections together, I found that my math was off and it was way to big. So I have to start over. I was so frustrated. These are the scraps.  As I sewed the scraps together, I began to calm down. I was making new fabric from a pile a scraps. The brightness was so cheerful. I felt my frustration leave me and my heart soar.  This was not what I intended to create for AAQI, it was what emerged. I decided I needed a Butterfly to glide by in this jungle of color! 

Gliding By
Aileen Kline
AAQI #11148

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  1. Absolutely lovely, Aileen! Challenges do make life so much harder, but quilting is such wonderful therapy. I love your little quilt and I know others will, too!