Sunday, September 16, 2012

Orca Bay almost there.

Have been sewing on the Orca Bay top for DD#3.  She picked the colors. She loves brown. Jazzed it up with the blue and pink. She has selected yellow for the final border. The brown heart patches have yellow hearts in them. I was surprised but it is her quilt. Here is my grandson checking out grandma's work and doing the bounce test!

I started it in November 2011. In August I decided that I have to finish it in the event of my demise. To many UFO so little time. I wanted to be sure all my girls and grand kids and my husband have a quilt from me that they can use until they are in shreds! My stitching is no way near as neat and pretty as it use to be but they don't care.

I am down to the end border , just have to quilt it next month....I need a break.
Back to the tiny AAQI piecing for a while!.

After the Holidays I hope to make a quilt for my bed. I have a twin size quilt on a queen size bed.

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  1. It looks great Mama!! Btw, I vote that you add to your star quilt and make it big enough for your bed -- that quilt is so awesome--almost as awesome as the one you made for me! Lol. Love you! - S