Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Holiday Lane Pillow Blog

 Holiday Lane Schedule with Pauline , she is our resident cheerleader for this hop

Thank you to Madame Samm and Paula for hosting Holiday Lane Pillow Blog.

Due to illness this month, I have not been able to complete my project. I hope to post after I have finished with all the medical stuff.

Happy Thanksgiving to All that stopped by.



  1. Get well soon! Hopefully, you will be feeling better on Thanksgiving day so you can enjoy it!

  2. Thank you. I am confined to my bedroom so as not to contaminate my grandson until Thursday. I have my featherweight and a very limited amount of scraps in here with me.Thought I would try making crumb blocks to pass the time. No one will know if I messed them up!

  3. SO Sorry to hear you are not up to par. Take care, I hope you are better soon. Will be watching out for more fun things to show up here on a different day when you feel better.

  4. Get well soon. We miss you at the hop.

  5. Aileen, we certainly did not sad...well lift your spirits with the warmth that will come from all of our ladies...WE will look forward to seeing your lovely posts in the near future...our hearts are heavy too...

  6. Aileen, feel better soon. I found this pattern to be quick and easy--when you're ready, I'm sure you'll enjoy making it.