Thursday, April 4, 2013

March FO and other stuff

Well, that was a very fast March. I sewed and sewed and was able to get all the baby stuff (60+ items) out to my Daughter. I am a Grandma for the 3rd time. 1st little girl. Raina  was born March 29th. 8 lbs 14 oz , 21 in.

Here she is sporting one of Grandmas receiving blankets!

I was so wiped out from sewing that I cleaned my machine and didn't touch it for a week. Instead of sewing, I found a Rubbermaid tote with about 15 pounds of fabric from 1999 and washed and assorted the fabric. Since I only have a few things on the burner, I decided to make some 9 patches from this fabric as leaders and enders. Also cut a bunch more spool leaders and enders.

From the 9 patches I made on small quilt for a Forum friend. Just have to make the label and in the mail it will go.

I was aiming for a Spring look but it also looks like it could be used during Christmas Holidays. She favors red so I used red as an accent instead of pink. I hope she likes it!

Still have many strips to piece together. I want to have many units of 4 patches, 9 patches & 1/2 squares etc , to work with.

I am still working on my Scrappy Trips and it is coming along nicely. Have about 6 blocks made and a total of 32 cut out and ready to sew. This will be my throw for in the living room so I can put away the Christmas throw. It is just to snuggly to put away!

My goal for April is to finish my Easy Street quilt and have it on my bed by the end of the month! Hey I can dream!!!

Aileen in Florida

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  1. Congratulations Grandma and to your daughter! Raina is a real cutie! And you sewed 60+ baby items - that's impressive. I think Raina may get spoiled just a little!