Monday, December 22, 2014

Even a Tiny Space

Even a tiny space can give me joy.

Daughter's Family move into my 13 x 15 sewing space. Moved my things back into tiny sewing area. About 7 feet of space. Have not been able to sew much due to rotator cuff surgery. Christmas is almost here. So many things I wanted to make for gifts. Yesterday I made 2 pillowcases. Louis decided he wanted to sew with Grandma. I let him put the pins in the pin cushion and cut my threads with his own scissors.  He was in heaven. It felt good to share my love of sewing with him. Future quilter? Maybe!

I have not accomplished all the things I wanted to do this year, but I am blessed with family and friends that watch over me. They pick me up when I am down. Give me a hug when I need one. What better gift can there be. 

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all my Sisters of the Cloth!  

Love Aileen in Florida


  1. Aileen so glad to see that even though you have very little space you are still able to make things. Yep cultivate that love for all things crafty in your grandson. It is so nice to see young people enjoy time doing things like that instead of all the tekno stuff out there.

  2. it's funny how we will squeeze our machine into a space just to sew, I've taken mine into the living room at times & sewn along with Project Runway lol! we all love a beautiful space to create in but it's the love that goes into the project that counts, happy sewing! & have a very Merry Christmas!