Saturday, October 10, 2015

Babysitting & Creativity

I have been  babysitting for a few months. I am still trying to find a rhythm to my new normal. I need to create/sew  a little everyday to feed my soul. My daily needed naps have gone by the waste side. No time for that.  I try to rest when he does. Sebastian is more and more alert, giggly and precious everyday.

These are bra inserts. Louis thought they were hats? 

I had been working on a quilt for SIL. He likes my daughters quilt. Thought he should have one of his own. He wanted black and red AND Iron Man. Took me quite a while to find the Iron Man fabric. Then more time to figure how to cut it to make the best use of it. I used a lot of geeky fabric with black background in it. Aliens from video games, superman, words like Pow Bang, plugs from back of PC, and of course Pac Man. This was an original design. 

The Iron man quilt is done and delivered. One happy SIL!

I also made a quilt for my MIL. She turned 85 or is it 87 this year? She has been on my bucket list for years. Thought I better get on with it! Mailed it to her before her birthday. She was thrilled. After cleaning up my sewing room, I realize I could squeeze out 2 pillow cases from the left over fabric. Second package sent. They were a hit!!

This is a Bonnie K. Hunter quilt called Sister's Choice. I made it with 2 inch strips instead of 2 1/2 inch. What was I thinking?? LOL!

My granddaughter is now it a toddler bed. The crib she has converts to this. New, Fast quilt needed. In 2 weekends and with the just 2 layers, the quilt was done. Its hot here if Florida. Mom wanted an in between weight quilt. Because there is no batting, it only needed minimal stitching.   She already has a Grandma quilt! 

I  started to go to my quilt group again. I really missed talking to the wonderful ladies. It had been several years since I could attend. We have a great time, laughing, sharing and creating. What better place to be.  

This month I hope to get a few things made for the holidays. Sewing room is clean and organized. Time to make a MESS!!

Happy Quilting,

Aileen in FL

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