Friday, April 7, 2017

Sew Happy Stuff

March is over. Where did it go?

In March I was more active with the quilt guild. I attended several sewing sessions. Have one top mostly done, another just blocks. There is a third pile of blocks that just didn't look good together. These will be cut into different pattern hoping to improve the outcome. The sewing group is trying to make more boy friendly patterns.

I am the newsletter editor for the quilters guild. Took me forever to do the first 2 months. The April addition came together much easier. I revamped several sections. So far good responses for the members.

I decided that I needed to put some stuff away in my sewing room. When you have to put up two tables in the living room so you can sandwich a quilt...its time! To my horror I found 6 charity quilts in different stages of assembly.  To add to this, my retreat quilt that is 98 percent pieced and the quilt pieces from the class I took in mid February, which is at a dead stop.

I also have a diaper bag to make for my daughter who is due May 12, Her birthday is in ten days. I don't know if I will have it finished by then. She said she got a little jealous of the bags I made her sister and niece for their birthdays. The pressure is on!!!

Amber's Purse

Raina's Purse

I also made Raina a pillowcase, shorts and a top. She wore the outfit the next day. Fit pretty considering I didn't have a pattern.

All Smiles!!!

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida

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