Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amish we will go!

The Doll Swap XII is Amish style quilt. Easy peasy, right?  Wrong! Boy did I struggle with this. I started with a nine patch but I made the blocks 3 1/2 inches so one 9 patch ended up 9 inches. Too big.. Then I decided to make small 4 patches and alternate them with something but what was the something. I just couldn't get over the solid colors. I was trying to avoid using black but that was a big mistake. The dullness of the solids screamed for black. I went to about a dozen Amish websites and then researched the Pennsylvania Dutch. That just confused me more. I kept thinking, keep it simple. Don't over think it.

In the end I did use black, gold , red and blue. I ran out of red 2 inches from the end of the binding and had to scrounge for two little slivers, pieced together to finish it off.

1 comment:

  1. What an awesome little quilt. I think you are very brave tackling such tiny ones. I would be all fingers and thumbs. lol I like the bold colours. It is very Amish. Well done!