Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hearts /upon Squares

This is the little quilt I made for AAQI for August. I had mailed it without photographing it or writing down the quilt number. I sifted through hundreds of quilts until I found it.
The background was on my sewing table for months. I just couldn't think of anything to finish it with. The whole month was going badly. I finally said to myself, "What does this quilt need to finish it?" A hug! So that is what I did. I added hearts. Actually, I am the one that needed the hug. It came out nice in the end.

So while I was sewing the baby was playing with the plastic tub of scraps.I thought this was great!

Then I started to think about the 20 plus tubs that I have sorted into sizes using the the Bonnie Hunter method for leaders and enders, Will I find them in a heap one day. UGH! Could very well happen and it would be my own fault! LOL!

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