Monday, July 8, 2013

June FO. Push to the finishline

I have to say that June flew. My oldest daughter is moving back home. We had a lot of cleaning and painting to do. Thank goodness for an able bodied sister. I myself was quite useless in many ways. My biggest strength was my wallet.  Carri was painting for 3 days none stop. Amber has a new born so we needed it done before they get here due to fumes. Not my color pallet that is for sure. Dark Teal and grey for master bedroom. Logan's bedroom, Appletini. My Easy Street quilt would look good in there but he CAN"T have it. So I am making him a quilt at the speed of light. Big block.

We made many runs to Home Depot. Grandson Louie was just over the moon looking at all the tools and paints.  Here is the only picture we took. I look like death warmed over as my pain level was through the roof. Many people stopped and talk to Louie. I told them it was his maiden voyage to the Hardware Store!! He came home with color swatches and paint sticks which he is using as parking spaces for his Hotwheels! LOL

I did finish my top for Easy Street but have not been able to sandwich it as yet. Even bought the backing  as one solid piece. Just don't have the time to piece anything. Can't wait to finish it and make some curtains to match! I did a border with a purple strip and finished with a teal . Looks so cheery. I need cheery!

Was able to make all the pieces for the Scrappy trip quilt too. Another one that needs to be sandwiched.

Logan's quilt should be finished in the next few day. They will be here around the 4th of July!. I made a dust ruffle for his bed so that mattress would not show. Really easy and used a piece of really flimsy fabric to sew it to. Since it is under the mattress does not matter. Still trying to use my stash. The 4 yards of fabric that got heat damaged in my closet served as the dust ruffle. Navy with large snow flakes. I really needed something to tone down that Very loud Appletini! New carpet is also green. I thought it was more forest green but now looks emerald green against the Apple walls. So what is a grandma to do. Logans favorite color is green. I pulled out all my green fabrics and pieced a green, navy and yellow top. No pattern just speed sewing. Louie helped by picking the next strip to be sewed on. He was very excited to help grandma! I used all the fabric that I had left over from the front for the backing panel. Bad picture but I was in a hurry! He loves it!!

Also been working on Louies quilt, but it is taking me forever to sew the 4 patches. The first 30 had a very bad 1/4 inch. I started ripping them out but realized I could get more done if I just started over and bagged them for future TV ripping project.

Also working on middle daughters wall hanging for her birthday. Can't post anything here. She reads my blog!

Happy Quilting

Aileen from Florida

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