Thursday, July 18, 2013

Spooling around!

I was tempted into participating in the July 2012 Spool Challenge from Bonnie K Hunter. I cut an sewed a few spools and then went back to my old ways. While finishing Orca Bay I really started applying myself to my leader and enders project. Then came the Easy Street quilt. Another bunch of spools just piling up! Many small projects later I find that I have about 120 spools and another 150 cut out ready to go. They are addictive! These are my batches of tens.

 While I was at it I also started sewing string blocks.  Strings Strings Strings.... Can't make just one.

Join Bonnie in the linky for Spools HERE  or try out the split 9 challenge for July 2013. HERE!

Before you know it you will have enough blocks done for another quilt just using your scraps!!!


  1. Amazing how L/E can grow blocks almost without you noticing! Have fun with them :)

  2. Fun! Looks like you are about half way done!

  3. So many projects, so little time! Spools look great!