Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Shuffle off the Seattle

Seattle, Fabric Shopping & December NewFO

 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!! I've been Goggled!

So Funny to See my name on the Google Screen! Anywhere for that matter! LOL! That was December 17th, 2013!

Hi Everyone. I am visiting my daughter Shara in Seattle. Boy, it is a different world here.
It is cold and foggy right now but still a beautiful place. Reminds me of a cross between NYC, New Baltimore Maryland, the Catskill Mts, Staten Island and Woodstock. What a melting pot. The community in this area is very artistic and environmentally conscious.


The view from her apartment faces Lake Union Harbor. Many of the streets across the lake are very steep much like they are in San Francisco and the Bronx! It's been quite some time since I drove down a hill at that kind of angle. Fun ride down memory lane but I would not like to drive it in the snow. We drove around picking up supplies at Fred Meyers. Then stopped at Azteca Mexican Restaurant for dinner. Very Yummy. I even had a beer!

Saturday we went to Bellevue. Such a techie town. Many skyscrapers. Home of Microsoft. Took in the sights and stopped at Garlic Crush for Mediterranean kebab with crushed garlic and really good hummus. What a treat. Would love to go shopping. So many mom and pop shops. The town was decorated with lights. Even the giant construction cranes are decked out with lights that can be seen for miles. My grandson would have loved this! The Seattle Space Needle was wearing a tree made from white lights. So pretty.

Even though the weather was rainy and foggy I did manage to see a few great sites. Odd ones too.
My favorite is that there is art everywhere. Seattle has alot of art colleges and engineering schools. Often while driving we would pass art on the street corner, very pretty graffiti and unusual sites. The Troll on the Bridge was  really fun to see and the Bus stop people was just great! AND Yes that is a real Volkswagon in his hand on the right of the picture. The hubcap is in his eye!

Sunday stayed in. Super foggy. We popped a Pot Roast into Shara's new Crockpot. It came out Fantastic! I played with sewing machine while listening to some Christmas music and other fun tunes. I finished a Christmas stocking that has been in my UFO's for years. It's purple. Don't remember why I made it that color but still cute. Hope to make some Christmas ornaments before I head home.

Monday the sun came out so we headed east to the mountains to take pictures. As we climbed up the fog started to descend on us. We decided to head back down the mountain and stop at a local quilt shop in the town of Issaquah called Gossypium Quilt Shop. What a great shop. Gossypium means cotton plant. The owners Norton and Lynette Smallwood are very sweet and helpful. Debbie was terrific too! She helped my daughter find all the owl fabric in the store. The selection of fabric was "FANTASTIC". So many fabrics that I have never seen anywhere else.  My wallet had a big dent in it when I left. Oh the sewing I will be doing with those fabrics! They do take orders over the internet! Since I didn't purchase enough Moustachio fabric by Timeless Treasures, I will be placing and order this week!


It was traffic hour when we started back down the mountain. We stopped at a mall in Bellevue and went over to Half Price books and short hop into JoAnns for velcro. No I didn't even want to look at the fabrics. The trunk of the car was already steamy warm with the wonderous purchases I made at Gossypium Quilt Shop! There was a live band playing in the food court. We stopped and had a bit of Russian pastry while resting from the days adventure.

Today is my last day in Seattle. It is rainy and cloudy once more. There is still a great view of the sea planes taking off and landing in the bay. We are heading out to see The Hunger Games II for my birthday.

Hunger Games II was great!. Cliffhanger of course, but since I read the books I did not yell at the screen! Had a snack at the theater and a bite to eat after. One of those two meals gave me food poisoning and I had to reschedule my flight. Since in is the week before Christmas the airline wanted an arm and a leg to rebook. Ended up staying 5 more days. My daughter was happy to have me around. She put up her Christmas tree while I made her a simple fabric tree skirt.

Needless to say, the sewing that was waiting for me at home did not get done.

NewFO for Decemeber

I came home on December 23, slept and then wrap gifts for 5 hours on December 24. I didn't start wrapping until 11 pm, so it was a long night. Everyone loved their gifts. No handmade stuff this go around.

On December 26 I started sewing again on my blocks. I am making bantu blocks so I still have to cut them in quarters and re-sew them. Needless to say, this person is getting something else for their birthday on January 5th!!!!



Aileen in Florida


  1. It sounds like you had such a wonderful trip! I love the troll under the bridge, it must be amazing to live somewhere surrounded by so much creativity.

  2. Your NewFO is looking good so far. Yes, Florida and Seattle are definitely different worlds!

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  4. What a wonderful trip! I love Seattle and visit my son there a lot but have somehow missed the Gossypium. I'll need to be sure to get by there in May! Your blocks look good, nonetheless -- great fabric!