Friday, January 3, 2014

January Resolutions


It is only January 3 but I thought I would give myself a kick start and write down all the things I would like to accomplish this year in quilting.

1: Re-organize my fabric. Its here, its there, its under this......I don't even know what I have anymore.

2: Wall hangings. One for each month of the year .
     A: One for me and each daughter. This will take years.
     B: Plus any other ones I would like to give as gifts.

 This will feed my creative juices. I love the feeling I get when I create something from my soul. No pattern, just scissors, heat bond and my imagination. I miss making the mini quilts for AAQI.

3: Get organized again with my scrap lover system.
     ~Neglected it for last 6 months and have a mountain to cut and trim. Last year I made most of my stuff with scraps and only went into my stash for backings and a few pieces to  make things pop. Thank you Bonnie K. Hunter of Quiltville. I would have throw all that out.

As a matter of fact, my daughter  got a tiny Teacup dear head Chihuahua  puppy last week and I made her a bed in ten minutes. I just grabbed a small print fabric from my novelty bin, a bag of crumbs that has been sitting in a corner for 2 years. Free pillow! I was surprise that it is a very heavy pillow. Dorito loves it!

4: UFO's
     Though I did make a dent in these last year by donating some and finishing some, I still have plenty.
     A: AJ sampler quilt!. This is for my MIL. I love her dearly but never made her a quilt. I have crochet her an Afghan but that was 15+ years ago.
     B: Stack and Whack from retreat 2008?
     C: Halloween quilt 2004
     D: Sunbonnet Sue swap blocks. 2010
     E: Hand appliqued wall hanging from 2000. This is the ONLY hand sewn thing I have!  
     F: Spool quilt (leaders and enders) 2013

5: Update my quilt book list and make a pattern list for pattern binders.
6: Binder or box my original designs. These are everywhere in the sewing room. On paper, napkins, envelopes you name it. When I want to look at them I end up drawing something else.
So once I get organized ????
     ~Finish quilt in progress for daughter and SIL.
    ~ Continue Spools Leaders and enders
     Now here is the problem. I have a massive bucket list! I don't have it written down but will write the highlights here. So much eye candy, so little time.

First off I know this is doable if I follow the Leaders and Enders method. I just have to get better organized (see #3)

1: Rainbow quilt. They just blow me away
2: Storm at sea. I like the illusion of curves (maybe Celtic Solstice will do)
3: NY Beauty
4: Diamond quilt
5: Owl quilt
6: Leaders and Ender building blocks. Parts department such as 4 patches, HST, QST in usable sizes.
7: AND many, many more.

Best Wishes for the New Year

Aileen in FL


  1. Good luck on your list of things. I find it hard to follow my own at times so it is another thing on my list to finish.

  2. Wow! That quite a list! What a good start. Good luck! Stay calm and enjoy your year...

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