Saturday, March 1, 2014

Feb NewFO Heating up!

February is almost a memory. Sewing and creating will help keep the blues of winter away.
Click on link to see what everyone has been up to in February. Join the fun!

I continue to work on the Bento Blocks. Trimming and sewing. Need 48 blocks measuring 16 1/2 inches for two identical quilts.  I decided to sash them in black with teal cornerstones on one and red cornerstones on the other. His & Hers.

Lot of body pain this month. Loving my Shoulder Heating pad. What is that, you say? Well it is a nifty little heating pad that sits on your shoulders like a collar and does not roll off or bunch up in the ends.

I had an MRI and the tech came back to release me from the chamber of horror wearing it on her shoulders. She said she has had it for years. I looked it over. Asked if she new the maker but alas she stated she got it a flea market years ago. I kept thinking about it all the way home. I have a rectangular one and a long cylinder shape one that constantly falls off or needs adjusting. So I decided to try and make one. The prototype was really bad but I worked out most of the kinks.

For you and me who suffer from neck and shoulder pain and for those who just want to jump in bed with something warm around the shoulders here is the Heating Pad tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I will be making a washable sleeve to go on my heating pad out of terry cloth. Towels seem to hold the heat of the heating pad in longer.

I joined the Doll Swap Quilt Group. Can't wait to get started!

Aileen in FL


  1. Your Bento block quilts is fantastic. I love the colors and the teal really makes it pop! Great idea on the heating pad! Thanks for the tutorial link!

  2. Great idea on the heating pad. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.