Saturday, April 5, 2014

April - Sun came out at last!

Happy 1st  Birthday!
Not a Quilt!??? LOL!

My granddaughter turned "1" on March 29th! Happy Birthday! She has outgrown her infant car seat. So we purchased a new one for mommies car and an old one so grandma can have one too.  My daughter found a tutorial on how to cover the car seat, so I gave it a shot. Thank you Crazy Little Projects for the TUT.  Most time consuming part was deconstruction. Using my better judgment I left one of the top wings assembled while making the other side. It brought back memories of  making custom fitted darts on a vintage fifties dresses to fit your bust line. I cut out fabric and sewed it with my Janome 6500. Sweet! However, when it came time to sew the bits back together..."SNAP", my needle broke on the first down stroke.  I was not happy. Now what? Well, I got on my Featherweight and assembled the layers there. Those needles on the Featherweight are like stakes in comparison to the Titanium needles I use on my Janome.
 I did draw a map of the pieces. Also wrote on the back of cover with white chalk pencil.  Top, Bottom, added hash marks to help in lining up the side pieces. The most invaluable item was the picture of the back of the car seat cover.  All toll it took me 8 hours from start to finish. Looks great!

Old car seat cover
Back of car seat cover. Invaluable!
TA DA!! Cute!!!
Fits like a glove.
Try this and give new life to an old car seat cover.
Aileen in FL

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