Friday, May 2, 2014

April Showers??? NewFO

Well April is  over and there was one really ugly week of rain but on the whole April was a mix of cold and hot with just a few showers. To wear a jacket or not to.  So much confusing weather and I was not much better.

What to work on. What to set aside..... What to do for birthdays and holidays this month. My mind is a terrible thing to loose in my sewing room. Felt like a Magpie. The bird that gets distract when it sees something shiny. Me!

I pieced the back of my daughters quilt. It is big and I didn't have enough fabric. I was hoping to get it done this weekend. After pin basting it for hours. I discovered a big fold. Unpinned and repined it again. Flip it completely over. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There was a massive fold in the very middle. I use to have those old wooden folding tables but I no longer had them. I'd basted it on the dinning room table with two mismatched folding tables. Why did I bother! After a massive anxiety attack, I went to Lowes and bought a 5 ft folding table to match the one I have and butted everything to dinning room table. I had to duck tape (Man Tool) the tables so they wouldn't slip and also cover the middle with cardboard and more duck tape to fill in the 5 inch gap. Took a quick trip to Harbor freight to get 20 nylon clamps that open  1 3/4 inches @ 99 cents each, to replace the office clamps I had. The new folding tales are much thicker than the old wood ones. After 2 1/2 hours of unpinning I was able to set it up and will pin baste tomorrow. It is very flat and looks so inviting!

BASTING IS DONE! It took 4 1/2 hours. I feel better. Quilting it very soon. Then I have to sew the second one!

Back of Quilt


I finished my Doll Swap Quilt. Came out cute. I hope my swap partner likes it.

The quilt block is an Judy Martin design.
This month was also my youngest daughters birthday. She love mustaches. When I was visiting Seattle last year I picked up some Mustache fabric. I didn't get enough so I had to order more from Gossypium Quilt Shop. I just loved that store.  They are having a sale this month to get ready for Christmas!

Here is a picture of her pillow cases accompanied by her Orca bay quilt!. Fun Fun!
The beginning of the month I spent time cutting up scraps and bagging strings by color family. I worked on RSC2014 for April which was purple. I got quite a few string pieced blocks done.
Then there some of  this.
I mended my Grandsons pants. I have not mended kid pants in a very long time. He loves cars so why not a checkered flag. I think he liked it. He wears them often!
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  1. Oh my, I have to follow just to see that cat every time you post! Cute indeed. Love the race flag idea for mending pants and I don't think I've seen that shadow star before. Nice pattern. My sympathy on the quilt pinning struggle--not my favorite part of quilting even when it goes well!

  2. Aileen, your pile of FO's this month is GREAT !~! Your projects are varied: jean patching, table toppers, quilts, pillowcases... I am suitably impressed in my first visit to your blog which I will follow with Bloglovin. Thanks for sharing all those fun items.

  3. What a pretty quilt, and the mustaches are just adorable. Good work this month.