Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 2016. This and that.

Well Well. I bet you were wondering where I have been hiding. Me Too! My daughter brought it to my attention that I have not posted since Thanksgiving 2015. WOW! That really did fly by.

I have been taking care of my grandson Sebastian, who is now 13 months old. It has been a fun but exhausting journey. This is the first of my 4 grandchildren that I met on the day they were born. It was terrifying to watch him alone at first. I think I held my breath a lot. Skipped bathroom breaks and eating. I wanted to be sure he was breathing. Yes, I was acting like a new mom. I sat next to the crib and read while he napped.

One year later... I take naps when he does. He wears me out. Now that he crawls at lightening speed, he is exploring the world around him. He puts everything in his mouth.   I have him following me around the house so he will get tired, but I think I get tired first! He loves spending time with grandpa too!

I have sewn here and there these past six months. Not a lot to show because I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do next. I did manage to make another quilt for Charity Quilts but forgot to take a picture. Also joined in on a Jelly Roll race and I made a top. I think it was taken to a long-arm quilter to be finished.

I  made an Iron Man quilt for my SIL last year. Too many 9 patches left over. Instead of taking them apart, I decided to make his stepson, my grandson #2 a quilt with these. Louis really looks up to him. They have dressed up like Ninja Turtles and run around the house playing together. What more could you ask from a SIL.  Louis was into Super Hero's when I started this quilt. Then all of a sudden the interest is in the Ninja Turtles. I added the green Ninja Turtle fabric to frame the panel and bind the quilt. Came out better than I thought it would.  It is 66 x 84. Nice size Twin.  1 layer of cotton batting.  All that is left is to make the label. This will be for Christmas. I am hoping his interest don't change dramatically by then. LOL! DH loves it so much that he made me go outside to take a better picture.

I started a quilt for grandson #4 while my daughter was pregnant. He was a premmie so I didn't work on again until June. Its bigger than crib size, so he will have it for a while. Still have to work on the binding and add a satin ribbon tag to it. He is obsessed with tags. and chews on them to fall asleep. Hoping to have this done by tomorrow.  The corner stones are Pac Man fabric from his fathers Iron man quilt!

Worked on a UFO. Spool blocks from a Bonnie Hunter  Leaders and enders challenge. Made about 240 spools in the last two years. Now to make something with them.  I also wanted to try her garlic knot block. I used 2 1/2 inch scraps. It was easy after I watched her make them on Quilt Cam. Only made the one block but have ideas for it.

Then on to some more UFO's and a wall hanging or 2. 

Hope your 4th Of July was a happy and memorable one!

Love from

Aileen in Florida

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