Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sewing room

September - Sewing room

Time is really flying by. Just a few weeks ago school started for my grandkids. This gave Grandma and Mommy a little bit of breathing room. (Plug in Happy Dance here!!)

I cleaned up my sewing room and while I was at it, I also purchase two shelving units and a few more tubs. I spent the last few days petting the fabric. Wow! I found so many fabrics I had forgotten about. I was thinking of counting the yardage (yeah right! ) but came to my senses. I may revisit the idea another time. I found my sewing table under all that STUFF! You know the stuff....fabric crumbs that multiple while your not looking, repairs that needed to be done, half finished quilts................... and fabric purchases for new projects you don't remember purchasing.  No wonder some people call this an addiction. I call it textile therapy! We all need some form of therapy.

Fabric shelves in closet

Ruler Peg Board

Treadle and Rocketeer 
Design wall

Ironing Station & Accquilt Go

Janome 6500 

Desk and Computer

Now its time to make something.

Happy Quilting!
Aileen in Florida

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  1. It is always such a great feeling to clean the sewing space and then it feels so good to be able to just sit and sew and relax in your new organized space. I love your old machines. Do you use those often?