Monday, February 12, 2018

February Week 2

This week flew by. I am still organizing my fabrics. At first I was tossing the scraps in a pile, Then realized they are coming out of tubs that were sorted by color. DAH keep them separated in colors. I already have 2 very large tubs filled with big zip locks in sorted colors.

I am ironing purple and blue scraps for the RSC. I didn't do January - Blue and February is Purple.  I am going to start with those. Will cut the purple into 2 1/2 strips to get going. I just have to pick a pattern. I changed my mind 50 times already. My crafty brain wants to go complex, my logical brains says " get a grip" and go with an easy pattern. I guess my left and right brain just have to battle it out.

I sewed more random 4 patches. The only thing I created from scratch this week was a pillow cover for my grandson. He was sleeping over and his brother already has a "special" pillowcase on his sleepover pillow. Little man is an equal opportunity kind of guy. In other words, why get into an argument with a 2 year old over a pillow cover. He loved it and kept sticking his blankie inside the slit on the back then laughing his butt off!

My granddaughter also came over for a while last night. They ran around the house like drunk maniacs. I finally put a movie on so they would chill out. Thank goodness for The Emoji Movie!

I woke up exhausted. In order for me to check my email the next morning, I needed a diversion. Buttons. Though I had to keep one eye on him at all times so he didn't up them in his mouth, the buttons gave me a half hour of quiet. He was just amazed at how many different buttons there are. He obeyed grandma all that time and was dumping them in the box. After that 1/2 hour he just had to dump them on the floor.  Was all good, his brother helped clean up the buttons and out the door we went. I deposited them back at their house. Flew home and into my bed for a well earned nap! Was out cold for 3 hours. 

Oh Scraps
There is actually a bag in every color but when a 2 year old comes over and his favorite game is in and out, its time to jam those bags back into the tubs and hid them. I have plenty of scraps I forgot I had and I still have 18 tubs of fabric to fold. 

Happy Sorting

Aileen in Florida

Stash Report  2/4 -2/10  Week 6 - 2018
Fabric used this week: 1 yard
Fabric used to Date:     8 yard
Fabric Added this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 7 yards

Net used for 2018: 8 yards

350 Block Challenge 2018
Blocks made 1
YTD made 4

15 Minute Challenge:  

2/4- 2/10         7 of 7 days
2018 Total          31 of 41 days
Percentage of days sewn 75%

UFO finished for January - 0      :>[

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