Sunday, April 22, 2018

Taxes and buffalo chips

I survived taxes. Now I can move on to some fun things.

Buffalo Chips. This is an expression I hear on a Youtube show called The Stitch TV Show. Pam refers to scraps as buffalo chips because the Native Americans use every piece of the buffalo. Nothing is ever wasted. I couldn't find the episode where Pam said this but all the episodes are great. 
These two ladies crack me up. I sometimes watch them while I sew. 

This week I got a few things done. I had to stop surfing the net. This is a time sucking habit. You look up and 4 hours have gone by, nothing has been done, and its time for a nap. I set an alarm on my phone to go off in 1 hour, then I put on a audio book and began to trash my sewing table. What fun!

Check out Fabric Therapy website. Her quilt Food Frenemies is hilarious!

A while back I found a tutorial called X Marks the Block at Fabric Therapy.  This past week I tried this block and found that it was a good way to use a lot of random scraps. X Marks the Block uses small  4"  long rectangles to form a ladder or strata. Next  you add the long side strips (mine are the dark green) making it look like Chinese coins or a ladder. Then you just add more strips until you get desired width. These are 9 1/2 inches square.  You can use progressively shorter side strips but I figured I could sew what I trim off  into strips blocks. A 2 for 1 idea.  I would like to use up whatever I touched to make the X Blocks and NOT put it back in the scraps.  The strips don't have to match up. The important part is what you use to create the X effect.

I sewed together two trimmed off strips. 2 of these I put a straight strip in the middle. Easier than dealing with the bias. These are 6 1/2 " . The little one is 5". Makes for interesting squares. I think I can use these as a border on something else.

Here are my PLUS blocks. Still cutting kits out for these.

Stash Report   4/15 -4/21  Week 16- 2018
Fabric used this week: 0 yard  + Scraps 
Fabric used to Date:     13 1/2 yard
Fabric Added this week: 0 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 52 yards
Net used for 2018: 13 1/2 yards      Net in the red -   40  yards
GOAL for Year - 60 yards

350 Block Challenge 2018 at Prairie Moon Quilts
4/15 - 4/21
Blocks made 10
YTD made 220

15 Minute Challenge:  
4/15- 4/21         5 of 7 days
2018 Total          95 of 107
Percentage of days sewn 88%

UFO finished for January - 0      :>[
UFO finished for February - 0  ugh!
UFO finished for March - 0  I am consistent!!! 


  1. I like those X blocks. I may use that for charity quilts.

  2. The X blocks are fun. I made a different version - similar thing on Crazy Mom quilts, but it has a different look because of different construction. Any of that kind of block makes a great scrap user! You used a lot of scraps, and if I didn't count mine for scrap report, I'd have nothing to count, because almost everything I do is scraps. =)

  3. Very fun and colorful blocks! Great stitching time this week.

  4. I'm in the middle of that time sucking internet thing. I set the kitchen timer. If I'd get off the internet, I just might get some stitching done.

  5. The X blocks you are making are lovely! I hope you have made a dent in your scraps from making this quilt. I understand about the internet being a time waster.