Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday Louie!

Happy 3rd Birthday Louie!

Louie is my grandson and constant companion in my sewing room. He has his own table and chair in the there. He loves scraps and has been playing with them since moving here in July of 2011.
His favorite thing to do with those scraps is bury his toy cars or fling them in the air! Good thing he helps me clean up every night.
He knows what a rotary cutter is. He says it is a pizza cutter for fabric. He is fascinated with all my tools. His greatest pleasure is watching me clean my sewing machine and he tries to get between me and the machine for a better look.

Every night he sleeps with his Grandma blankets.

Currently his favorite blanket is a Christmas UFO lap quilt I finished just in time for Christmas. While I relax in my chair at night, he get up on my lap and loves to hiding under itSince he is a ball of energy I am grateful that curling under the quilt calms him down just before bedtime.

 While I was working on my blocks for Easy Street, I realized that I wanted to made him a birthday wallhanging.  
This is what I came up with. 

Happy Birthday Louis!!!!
Love Grandma  

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