Friday, January 11, 2013

Easy Street - Rounding the bend

Hi Fellow quilters.

I have been plugging away at my Easy Street blocks. I finished Orca Bay a few months ago for my daughter Carri. This one is for me. I love the colors.

Due to lots of pain meds and the Flu I have been doing them Very slowly. I tend to sew like my machine is on fire. This is the way my mom taught me  to sew 43 years ago. Husband sometimes says it sounds like a machine gun going off in there.
I am finding that it is going together very nicely. I have been very careful not to stretch anything. I have not ironed any of my blocks yet. All have been finger pressed. This eliminated the usual swearing that I would have been doing by now, due to those quarter square triangles.

I have 9 blocks of Block B to go and all will be completed. For a change I sewed the blocks Bonnie's way. Webbing them! What a difference that made. I usually do all of one thing and then go to the next and end up ripping out stuff left and right. I had to rip out 2 -  4 patches and resew about 10 flying geese because they were warped badly. Not bad. I think my ripper got lonely for me! LOL

Can't wait to finish those last 9 blocks. 

Sorry about quality of pictures. I thought cut off for linky was Monday as well.

Happy Sewing

Aileen in Florida


  1. Very pretty, Aileen. You are farther along than I am, and your blocks look great!

  2. Your colours look really nice.