Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January Fun Stuff & NewFO

January really did fly by quickly this year. We had a few birthdays, ate to much and sewed to little.

First was Louie's birthday. I made him his birthday wall hanging. He loves it and is still hanging up. Picture is not as bright as the actual wall hanging. I will have to make something up for Valentines day real soon!

I made a couple pairs of shorts for his mom, and a pillow case for his sister. Forgot to take pix. 

I belong to the Block Swap Adventure and made a 12 " inch block for Teresa in UK. She liked it. The pattern she wanted was called cactus basket so why not a cactus with flowers. The centers are orange buttons.

Then the deadline for Alzheimer's Art Quilt was looming so I made this cute little block.

Flowery Stars.

Flowers are felt with button centers. It was great fun to make. If I could have figured out how to sew the buttons on by machine I would have!. I really have gotten spoiled making things by machine only. 

My sewing machine was sounding like a tank for a few weeks and was getting louder and louder. I didn't want to take the chance and ruin my blocks so I set them aside and worked on the other stuff.  I was working on my Easy Street blocks. Bonnie K Hunters quilts are piece intensive. Someone said this one has over 3000 pieces but it is so worth the work. 

 So what am I going to do??? 
Working on my NewFO Challenge at Cat Patches of course!

Well it just so happens that one of Bonnie's quilt blocks Scrap Trips Around the World! has gone viral. There is a Flickr group called Scrappy Trip Along that is posting the quilts.  Since I start going by the adage that if the scrap tub is full make something, I decide this would be the perfect block. I made 25 strip sets in 2 days and now that I have my sewing machine back from the repairman "Fabric Will Fly"!!!

Some of the strips are 10 years old!

Last year I started keeping a running total of things that I have made. I was surprise how many there were considering I often could only sew for 15 to 20 minutes a day. It was 54 finished items. So I am tracking this again this year.

Happy Quilting 

Aileen in Florida

Finished projects 2013: 1 pillow case, 1 AAQI quilt, 1 Wall hanging, 2 shorts, 1 BSA block, 3 nookbook rests


  1. I loved your little birthday quilt. Sooo cute.
    And Scrapy Trip is really something..
    I have pieced mine, and are in the process of borders.

  2. I just love your header!! Lots of sweetness going on - yeah for using up those strips!

  3. I have a birthday wall hanging in the planning stages for my daughter & grandkids. Yours is so cute! Maybe it's time to bring that project to the top or closer to the top of the list. Fun stuff!

  4. what a sweet header! love your little quilts, I've jumped on the trip around the world wagon too lol! that is my new FO for Jan

  5. Your Birthday quilt is super cute! I am planning a Scrappy Trip around the world. It's the quilters craze right now!

  6. I finally made the first Scrappy Trip block. My daughter likes it and want to know what I am going to do with it. Quilt It for a throw. What else! LOL! Meet you all in Scrappy Trip land!

  7. Those are pretty colors for your world quilt.

  8. I love your flowery stars! So cute...

  9. I just loved your little birthday cake wall hanging. If I started on one now I might get it done by the time my grandson's birthday rolls around! I too have done one of Bonnie's Trip around the World quilts and it was a lot of fun!

  10. Love the Cactus Basket block and the Alzheimers' art quilt. Both are lovely.

  11. You were sick and still accomplished tons. I am very impressed. I am still resisting making the scrappy trip around the world. I love scrap quilts but am going to stick to my personal challenge of starting no big quilts until I finish a few. XX Kathleen

  12. Baby Wraps. If you make them too small, they do not last long. Babies grow too fast. I made them 1.2 by 1.2 meters. XX Kathleen