Thursday, October 20, 2016

October Sewing

Now its time to make something.  Fixed a few shorts for DH.

 My SIL ripped his quilt. He was very distraught. So I patched it with the same red fabric. My helper is Sebastian. He is 15 months and loves to watch grandma sew on the sewing machine.

Finally sewed my spools together. I really got tired of seeing them. They were made while I was recovering from neck and shoulder surgeries. It was my sewing therapy and have been working on them for 3 years. I decided to make a lap quilt instead of the full quilt. Have enough blocks left over for a baby blanket or something else.
Trying to use up the scraps when they happen. I watched a series of scrap mini videos and was inspired. Now I just have to do it!

Last week I put together my Halloween swap blocks from 2003. I am determined to sew up my UFO's. They have sat around long enough.

Today is the Guild meeting. Can't wait to see what the ladies have sewn.

Have a wonderful and creative October

Aileen in Florida

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Sewing room

September - Sewing room

Time is really flying by. Just a few weeks ago school started for my grandkids. This gave Grandma and Mommy a little bit of breathing room. (Plug in Happy Dance here!!)

I cleaned up my sewing room and while I was at it, I also purchase two shelving units and a few more tubs. I spent the last few days petting the fabric. Wow! I found so many fabrics I had forgotten about. I was thinking of counting the yardage (yeah right! ) but came to my senses. I may revisit the idea another time. I found my sewing table under all that STUFF! You know the stuff....fabric crumbs that multiple while your not looking, repairs that needed to be done, half finished quilts................... and fabric purchases for new projects you don't remember purchasing.  No wonder some people call this an addiction. I call it textile therapy! We all need some form of therapy.

Fabric shelves in closet

Ruler Peg Board

Treadle and Rocketeer 
Design wall

Ironing Station &  Accquilt Go

Janome 6500 

Desk and Computer

Now its time to make something.

Happy Quilting!
Aileen in Florida

Sunday, July 3, 2016

July 2016. This and that.

Well Well. I bet you were wondering where I have been hiding. Me Too! My daughter brought it to my attention that I have not posted since Thanksgiving 2015. WOW! That really did fly by.

I have been taking care of my grandson Sebastian, who is now 13 months old. It has been a fun but exhausting journey. This is the first of my 4 grandchildren that I met on the day they were born. It was terrifying to watch him alone at first. I think I held my breath a lot. Skipped bathroom breaks and eating. I wanted to be sure he was breathing. Yes, I was acting like a new mom. I sat next to the crib and read while he napped.

One year later... I take naps when he does. He wears me out. Now that he crawls at lightening speed, he is exploring the world around him. He puts everything in his mouth.   I have him following me around the house so he will get tired, but I think I get tired first! He loves spending time with grandpa too!

I have sewn here and there these past six months. Not a lot to show because I couldn't make up my mind what I wanted to do next. I did manage to make another quilt for Charity Quilts but forgot to take a picture. Also joined in on a Jelly Roll race and I made a top. I think it was taken to a long-arm quilter to be finished.

I  made an Iron Man quilt for my SIL last year. Too many 9 patches left over. Instead of taking them apart, I decided to make his stepson, my grandson #2 a quilt with these. Louis really looks up to him. They have dressed up like Ninja Turtles and run around the house playing together. What more could you ask from a SIL.  Louis was into Super Hero's when I started this quilt. Then all of a sudden the interest is in the Ninja Turtles. I added the green Ninja Turtle fabric to frame the panel and bind the quilt. Came out better than I thought it would.  It is 66 x 84. Nice size Twin.  1 layer of cotton batting.  All that is left is to make the label. This will be for Christmas. I am hoping his interest don't change dramatically by then. LOL! DH loves it so much that he made me go outside to take a better picture.

I started a quilt for grandson #4 while my daughter was pregnant. He was a premmie so I didn't work on again until June. Its bigger than crib size, so he will have it for a while. Still have to work on the binding and add a satin ribbon tag to it. He is obsessed with tags. and chews on them to fall asleep. Hoping to have this done by tomorrow.  The corner stones are Pac Man fabric from his fathers Iron man quilt!

Worked on a UFO. Spool blocks from a Bonnie Hunter  Leaders and enders challenge. Made about 240 spools in the last two years. Now to make something with them.  I also wanted to try her garlic knot block. I used 2 1/2 inch scraps. It was easy after I watched her make them on Quilt Cam. Only made the one block but have ideas for it.

Then on to some more UFO's and a wall hanging or 2. 

Hope your 4th Of July was a happy and memorable one!

Love from

Aileen in Florida

Friday, November 27, 2015

Thanksgiving Blessings

The family came to eat, drink and visit together. It was very nice. My SIL and niece where here this year. They moved to Florida last year. She is moving into her dream farm in a week or two. So excited for her. Can't wait to hang out and watch the wild life. I miss that.

Thanksgiving was wonderful. A lot of work. Hubby did all the cooking. I did the cleaning. Then some peeling, gravy & pies . Carri made sweet potato casserole and green bean casserole. So delicious. Amber made the biscuits and some delicious cookie cupcakes! The daughters did the clean up at the end of the day! Awesome! Thanks girls, you made your mother very happy!

This was Sebastian's first Thanksgiving. He is 6 months today! We put him in a high chair at the end of the table. He just took it all in. Banged away with a spatula. Let him taste frosting. That, he really liked.

Louie Grandma & Sebastian

Grandma & Sebastian

Sebastian loves the camera phone.

Grandma, Grandpa, Sebastian & Raina. Silent Logan in the background

Grandpa and Raina

Grandpa came out of his garage to spend time with the grand kids. Raina is warming up to Grandpa now. Raina told my SIL that she picked the pose with her hand on her face just for this picture. She is quite a character!

Missing this year was Shara. We miss her and hopefully we can have her come next year for the holidays. Its been over a year since I have seen her. 


Was having a lot of trouble getting into my holiday sewing.  Don't know why, but dragging my feet. I thought about it for several weeks, then realized my list of things was endless. That list is overwhelming! I put away 2 quilts I was trying to rush. This helped tremendously. 

Last week I did repairs on shorts for hubby. They have been lounging in a basket for months. You know what happens when you fix one? Hubster runs into the room with more. He is a happy man now. Favorite shorts fixed.  I am a happy woman because I sewed something that was not stressful. Another thing on my list was to recover dog blanket. So I finished that in half an hour. Dog is thrill believe it or not. his nails are not getting stuck in it anymore.

Have 3 charity quilts to do. One is complete except for hand sewing. Ugh! not my thing. I am a machine sewer through and through. I guess I get that from my mother . Her nickname was Maqinita at the Lion's Club.. Translates to " The Sewing Machine". Second one will be sandwiched today, NO MATTER WHAT! Third one needed some pop! This is where the playing began. I added cupcakes to a rather plain gingham quilt top. Much more fun to look at! All it needs is binding. 

It will be a 3 day sewing marathon for me....well until I need a nap.  
Doll clothes need to be made, and a purse or diaper bag for those clothes. Also a well overdue Tablet stand for Raina. She requested RED! Funny because she loves all things Pink. Well Pink is Red before we add white. I am sure if I ask her she will have an amazing answer for me. 

Lots of Love to All of You
Happy Thanksgiving 
Happy Sewing

Aileen in FL