Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baby Baby

Hi Everyone!

My newest grandson Liam arrived May 12. What a beautiful, healthy, little bundle of joy.
His brothers are in love with him. We are so blessed. Mommy is doing very well.

After the marathon sewing of the diaper bag, I took a little break. Cleaned up my sewing room and found missing things. Ha Ha. I have several items started that just got put aside.

Today, I am worked on a small box pouch for the diaper bag.  Using up oddball scraps. I did say making bags is addictive...

One UFO done, A Bazillion to go! LOL!

Happy Quilting

Aileen Kline

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May is for Mommies

This year it is a very special Mother's Day. My daughter will be welcoming a new baby boy.
We can't wait!

I made her a special diaper bag, which was an upgrade from her sisters diaper bag I made in 2012. Many more pockets, which she loves.  In the mean time I was thinking my Mother may like a bag. So I made her a Little Pouch Purse.

It came out smaller than I thought. I laughed when I was done. It is so very cute. Shipped it out on Monday. She should have it before Mother's Day.

Pouch was received today. She loves it. Theses bags are getting addictive.

I am off to clean my house and sewing room. The boys are sleeping over tonight so mommy can go calmly to the hospital in the wee hours, Their brother will be born tomorrow. Grandma is very excited!

Have a good day!!!!

Aileen in Florida

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Diaper Bag and stuff

Its getting closer and closer to the arrival of my 5th grandchild. Sewing up a storm and getting nowhere. That ever happen to you?

I have been working on a diaper bag. I was following a basic pattern as a guide, but had to change many things to make it functional for my daughters needs. She has a toddler that will be 2 years old about 2 weeks after his brother arrives. This bag has to function for both kids.

I think I watched about 50 hours of videos on bag construction so I could get familiar with different aspects, then pick and choose what I needed for this bag. Construction took about 45 hours over a three week period.

I want to thank Vicki Lee Bags by Lynne for the exceptional videos that helped me make this diaper bag a success!

The original bag has 2 flat pockets on either side of the front. I needed a zipper pocket and slip pocket on one side.  Also the original had no side pockets for water bottles. Since this would add an additional 4 layers to the side seams, I had to lower the side pocket so the piping did not hit on the same spot as the front pocket but still be deep enough to accommodate the height of the water bottle. Also had to figure out how to make the side pockets bellow out a bit without putting that seam on the bottom edge of the bag. I put 2 pleats on the bottom of side pockets but sewed it shut  5/8 above the bottom seam. This kept the 12 layers of the pleat out of the bottom seam. (No broken needle!). (Total outside compartments, 5 pockets and one zipper

On the inside divider I added a flat pocket divided into 2 small and 1 large pocket. Nothing on the other side of divider. On back inside wall I put a  14 inch zipper pocket and below that the 3 elastic pockets. On the opposite wall I put another flat pocket with 3 divisions. On the inside sides I installed 1 dimensional pocket on each end. One is for the removable bag straps and the other for diaper cream etc. (Total inside compartments, 11 pockets and 1 zipper)

The bag has a cross body removable adjustable padded strap and regular bag straps, which are removable as well. Then to top it off. I added top flap double zipper to close the bag and keep little people out of it. 

My only regret is the flap pocket zipper could have been about 6 inches longer. If I had used a single zipper instead of the double zipper, I would have gotten those extra  inches. The size of the bag is 20 inches  long by 15 inches tall by 7 inches deep.

My grandson tried to sit in it. He opted for playing with all the pockets. LOL!

My daughter loved it so much she ran around the house looking for a good place to hang it so she could photograph it and put it on Instagram, etc. LOL.

Happy Quilting,

Grandma needs a nap!

Aileen in Florida

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sew Happy Stuff

March is over. Where did it go?

In March I was more active with the quilt guild. I attended several sewing sessions. Have one top mostly done, another just blocks. There is a third pile of blocks that just didn't look good together. These will be cut into different pattern hoping to improve the outcome. The sewing group is trying to make more boy friendly patterns.

I am the newsletter editor for the quilters guild. Took me forever to do the first 2 months. The April addition came together much easier. I revamped several sections. So far good responses for the members.

I decided that I needed to put some stuff away in my sewing room. When you have to put up two tables in the living room so you can sandwich a quilt...its time! To my horror I found 6 charity quilts in different stages of assembly.  To add to this, my retreat quilt that is 98 percent pieced and the quilt pieces from the class I took in mid February, which is at a dead stop.

I also have a diaper bag to make for my daughter who is due May 12, Her birthday is in ten days. I don't know if I will have it finished by then. She said she got a little jealous of the bags I made her sister and niece for their birthdays. The pressure is on!!!

Amber's Purse

Raina's Purse

I also made Raina a pillowcase, shorts and a top. She wore the outfit the next day. Fit pretty considering I didn't have a pattern.

All Smiles!!!

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida