Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Adventures

I am starting this post today because I am very excited. My oldest daughter is sewing up a storm! Pillows, curtains and she has started her first wall hanging. Quilt Pox have been spread at last! She says she hates it but has been sewing all month. She has shopped my stash a few times as well. She likes a lot of what I like. Often as she is grabbing fabric, my brain is saying OUCH! I rather she sew than I sit on the fabric.

Today I finished quilting her quilt. Only have to trim and bind it. Her husbands flimsy is all together, sandwiched and ready for quilting!


Tough month for me. Left arm just not working right but I will push on! Made a little pillow for Grandsons new there are 2 kitties. He loves them!

Also made a carry bag for Louis. Everyday he brings his toys in a bag. He has worn out the bottom of several bags. The bags are bigger than he is and he drags them along. I bought some vinyl upholstery fabric and a canvas remnant. I made him a bag with his name on it. I didn't follow a pattern so it came out quite wonky, but he loves it just the same. I will be happy if it lasts him the summer!

 He dragged it all over the house after filling it with his cars and stuff.


Louis started Day Care this week. He really likes it. Always smiling.

Made myself a house dress. I am having rotator cuff surgery soon and need some loose fitting clothes. I made this with bits of fabric from my celestial collection. Was fun to make. Very comfortable. I need to make the next one with a Velcro on left shoulder for ease of dressing the first week.


 I spent the rest of that week cleaning and rearranging bedroom furniture. I don't know how I am going to be able to sleep comfortably after surgery so prepped for all possible scenarios. Removed stuff I trip over or bang into. Spring cleaning and purging stuff. Shredded 7 boxes of tax papers!

 Found a UFO of snowman lying around. I did some FMQ with regular foot. It needs green and red stuff appliqued to it. This was a prototype that I didn't like, so I started over. For finished second version click here. Scroll to bottom. It was from a picture I found on the web. Don't know who designed it. If you do, let me know so I can give credit to artist.  It was just the head on a white background and green boarder.  

Finish Daughters quilts.
Cut out fabric for next quilt to take with me to Seattle.
Make house dress with Velcro shoulder
Piece the sampler quilt. 

Happy Quilting
Aileen in Florida

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Saturday, May 31, 2014

May M&M and Tomatoes

May seems to have flown by quite rapidly. I can't believe Mother's Day and Memorial Day has come and gone. Was great seeing all the flags flying high and proud.

Slow starts this month. Worked on DD quilt. It is mostly quilted but had to set it aside to make curtains for grandson #1. He turned 10 this year. My how time does fly.

I made Logan the quilt last year, days before they arrived from upstate NY. If you look real hard you can see him in bed playing with his iPad mini. That wall color is hard on my brain, but I don't live in that room! LOL!

So my GREEN for RSC14 is the  Pennants. I made 48 of them to use on the curtains. Have 8 left to put his name on.

Today, the last day of the month, I was able to piece the flimsy of my SIL matching  skull quilt. Can't wait to get these finished and go back to making "Smalls"!

Target date is June 25th. Would like this finished for their 11th Anniversary. I had intended this to be done for their 10th. Oh well, better late than never.

Other things on the burner this month :.

I made a Doll Swap Quilt and mailed it out to my partner Lynn. She said she really like it! So glad. The theme was "Modern", but after four attempts, I chucked it and did my own thing. I just could not getting something I like in miniature in the "Modern" flavor. Everything I tried looked better in full size.

Lynn in turn sent me a terrific Modern Quilt. I just love it! It is hanging in my dining room!

My grandson Louis spends a lot of time with me. He is 4 and sometimes hard to entertain. We have been growing tomatoes. I keep telling him is a good farmer. He informed me the other day that he is not a farmer, he is a gardener! LOL! He is too!

He also informed me that they are his tomatoes. He loves veggies, so I know he will enjoy eating his bounty.

This is Louie with cat ears, admiring the first tomato to sprout!

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Friday, May 2, 2014

April Showers??? NewFO

Well April is  over and there was one really ugly week of rain but on the whole April was a mix of cold and hot with just a few showers. To wear a jacket or not to.  So much confusing weather and I was not much better.

What to work on. What to set aside..... What to do for birthdays and holidays this month. My mind is a terrible thing to loose in my sewing room. Felt like a Magpie. The bird that gets distract when it sees something shiny. Me!

I pieced the back of my daughters quilt. It is big and I didn't have enough fabric. I was hoping to get it done this weekend. After pin basting it for hours. I discovered a big fold. Unpinned and repined it again. Flip it completely over. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. There was a massive fold in the very middle. I use to have those old wooden folding tables but I no longer had them. I'd basted it on the dinning room table with two mismatched folding tables. Why did I bother! After a massive anxiety attack, I went to Lowes and bought a 5 ft folding table to match the one I have and butted everything to dinning room table. I had to duck tape (Man Tool) the tables so they wouldn't slip and also cover the middle with cardboard and more duck tape to fill in the 5 inch gap. Took a quick trip to Harbor freight to get 20 nylon clamps that open  1 3/4 inches @ 99 cents each, to replace the office clamps I had. The new folding tales are much thicker than the old wood ones. After 2 1/2 hours of unpinning I was able to set it up and will pin baste tomorrow. It is very flat and looks so inviting!

BASTING IS DONE! It took 4 1/2 hours. I feel better. Quilting it very soon. Then I have to sew the second one!

Back of Quilt


I finished my Doll Swap Quilt. Came out cute. I hope my swap partner likes it.

The quilt block is an Judy Martin design.
This month was also my youngest daughters birthday. She love mustaches. When I was visiting Seattle last year I picked up some Mustache fabric. I didn't get enough so I had to order more from Gossypium Quilt Shop. I just loved that store.  They are having a sale this month to get ready for Christmas!

Here is a picture of her pillow cases accompanied by her Orca bay quilt!. Fun Fun!
The beginning of the month I spent time cutting up scraps and bagging strings by color family. I worked on RSC2014 for April which was purple. I got quite a few string pieced blocks done.
Then there some of  this.
I mended my Grandsons pants. I have not mended kid pants in a very long time. He loves cars so why not a checkered flag. I think he liked it. He wears them often!
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Saturday, April 5, 2014

April - Sun came out at last!

Happy 1st  Birthday!
Not a Quilt!??? LOL!

My granddaughter turned "1" on March 29th! Happy Birthday! She has outgrown her infant car seat. So we purchased a new one for mommies car and an old one so grandma can have one too.  My daughter found a tutorial on how to cover the car seat, so I gave it a shot. Thank you Crazy Little Projects for the TUT.  Most time consuming part was deconstruction. Using my better judgment I left one of the top wings assembled while making the other side. It brought back memories of  making custom fitted darts on a vintage fifties dresses to fit your bust line. I cut out fabric and sewed it with my Janome 6500. Sweet! However, when it came time to sew the bits back together..."SNAP", my needle broke on the first down stroke.  I was not happy. Now what? Well, I got on my Featherweight and assembled the layers there. Those needles on the Featherweight are like stakes in comparison to the Titanium needles I use on my Janome.
 I did draw a map of the pieces. Also wrote on the back of cover with white chalk pencil.  Top, Bottom, added hash marks to help in lining up the side pieces. The most invaluable item was the picture of the back of the car seat cover.  All toll it took me 8 hours from start to finish. Looks great!

Old car seat cover
Back of car seat cover. Invaluable!
TA DA!! Cute!!!
Fits like a glove.
Try this and give new life to an old car seat cover.
Aileen in FL