Sunday, September 9, 2018

Stash and Stitch 9-9-18

Oops I missed a week. Lots of craziness going on. I did sew everyday but not always quilt related stuff.

I have been trying to work with Double Brush Poly. Making my daughter a dress and some leggings. The first pair of leggings, the crotch split and she couldn't figure out which side was the back! My bad, I forgot to do the back of the leggings with a longer crotch and raise the back. I redrafted the pattern. This time they were spot on! Yay!  Next I took apart a favorite old dress that got stretch to infinity and beyond while she was pregnant. She finally handed it over. Poor little dress. I was able to make a nice dress with same material as leggings. I basted the top and sleeves together then to the skirt area. The original had a tiny little sleeve. I have never drafted a sleeve before so I wanted to be sure it was not a disaster.  I did watch several videos to look at sleeve construction. My sleeve worked beautifully. I made it a 3/4 sleeve. I also made an elastic belt for her as well. I pinned it to my design wall after removing a bazillion threads.

This picture cracks me up. The dress is more a tunic length, about 2 inches above the knee. It just looks so short to me. I was thinking of the mini skirts that I wore in the 70's. They must have looked like a bandaids to our parents. Now the minis are micro minis, about half a bandaid width.

I remember giving one of my employees a rubber band in a box for Christmas. She looked at it for a long time. I said its a new skirt, I picked it out just for you. She stop wearing the very short skirts. I did give her another present but she finally got the point. We were in a booth in the mall and when she sat down the view was not appropriate.

Stash Report   9/2- 9/8 Week 36 2018
Fabric used this week: 3 yard   
Fabric used to Date:     43 yards
Fabric Added this week: 0 yards       
Fabric Added Year to Date: 74 yards 
Net used for 2018: 43 yards      Net in the red - 31 yards
GOAL for Year - 60 yards     

15 Minute Challenge:  
9/2- 9/8         7 of 7 days
2018 Total         177 of 251days

Happy Sewing! 

Aileen in FL


  1. Wow! Beautiful top! Yes, I do remember those minis! :)

  2. Oh yeah I remember minis. I love the story about the rubber band gift. Happy stitching this week.