Friday, November 3, 2017

Finishes for October

Hi Ladies! Its November and it has actually been a bit cold in Florida. Very refreshing.

Update on my grandsons costume Teen Titan Go's Robin. He loved it. He will probably wear it until it is worn out. Too Cute!

Another finish is the last Charity quilt that I will be making for this year. I think I made 10 but I forgot to take pictures. End result is what matters.


Now it is time to work on Holiday gifts. Also have items to make for the Quilt Show Boutique for February 2018. Time is flying by.

I have ideas for gifts just have to spend a weekend cutting out stuff. 
Someone said there are only 6 weeks until Christmas. I almost had a stroke!!!

What are you making for the holidays this year?

Quilt On,

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October Oy Vey

It's half way through October. I just can't believe it.  The month was very busy. Filled with the flu, runny noses and doctor appoints for the grand kids and myself. The main problem is this is the final month to turn in our forms for the quilts we want in the quilt show in 2018. We were asked to be good quilters and NOT wait until the last minute. Sigh. Life interferes with good intentions.

I have 2 quilt tops done that i can submit. I have never had a quilt in a show. My youngest daughter had her 1st quilt in a show at age 8.  She used that quilt until it was a rag and then we made it into a dog blanket. The dog loved it so much that after several years of use it became a rage again. I took what was let of it and made a very small quilt for him to sit on by the television. There is nothing like watching a grown Lab nuzzle a freshly washed quilt the size of a square table runner. Ha Ha. Eventually I made him a brand new quilt. What a happy dog. It was a QAYO.

I have tried several times to put quilts in shows but made the mistake of giving the recipient their quilts for Christmas then asking to borrow them. NOPE! Though I was annoyed, it really is a compliment that they are afraid to part with said quilt. "It might get stolen", they say! I just had to laugh.

The problem I face today is that I also have a piece of challenge fabric for the Art Quilt challenge 2018. I have drawn no less that 10 ideas and nothing satisfied me. I have to put something together today if I want it in the show. The deadline is this Thursday, 2 days from now. Talk about procrastination! I can choose to skip it but I feel guilty.

On Sunday I was determined to cut some pieces to put on the background I made for the quilt challenge piece. So much for plans. I was still procrastinating anyway...

My daughter dropped by with 3 kids in tow and a red T-shirt. My grandson wants to be Robin from Teen Titans Go. Okay?? Well a few hours later the shirt is done. I cut up my only green T-shirt to make the sleeves. I still have to squeeze a pair of pants out of the rest of that shirt but will wait till the weekend to tackle it. Good thing he is long and skinny!

Louie striking a pose. Too funny. There is a t-shirt cape sewed to the collar. It was just the collar of another shirt with a triangle shaped piece hanging from it. He doesn't like anything touching his neck. So I sewed the black collar onto the red shirt about an inch below the original one, then cut off the red collar. It was so easy because the t-shirt didn't stretch all over the place. 

Its time for me to put fabric on that background. It doesn't have to be done until February 2018 but requires a picture to show colors used etc.

Heading to the kitchen for another cup of coffee.....

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Holy Moly has time flown!

Some many thing have happen since grandson # 3 arrived in May.
I just looked up and August is over.

I have sewn a few things but not as many as I hoped too.

Since the last few months have revolved around helping with the 2 year old and the newborn baby, I decided to sign up for a wallet course with Vanessa The Crafty Gemini. Her videos are great!. I have made bags before but for some reason I kept putting off making this simple flip wallet.

I finally bit the bullet and made it. I took me an hour and a half to sew it but my daughter loves it. That made it all worth it. I also made her a small bag to go with her diaper bag and wallet. She tends to carry 50 pounds of stuff in that diaper bag.

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Today is a special day. My grandsons cast comes off! He is 2 yrs old and had surgery on his left thumb. It was non functioning. The tiny thumb was removed and index finger was used as a thumb.

Everything turned out well. Thumb is healed. Now he will need therapy to help with movement.

Quilt on,
Aileen in FL

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Baby Baby

Hi Everyone!

My newest grandson Liam arrived May 12. What a beautiful, healthy, little bundle of joy.
His brothers are in love with him. We are so blessed. Mommy is doing very well.

After the marathon sewing of the diaper bag, I took a little break. Cleaned up my sewing room and found missing things. Ha Ha. I have several items started that just got put aside.

Today, I am worked on a small box pouch for the diaper bag.  Using up oddball scraps. I did say making bags is addictive...

One UFO done, A Bazillion to go! LOL!

Happy Quilting

Aileen Kline

Thursday, May 11, 2017

May is for Mommies

This year it is a very special Mother's Day. My daughter will be welcoming a new baby boy.
We can't wait!

I made her a special diaper bag, which was an upgrade from her sisters diaper bag I made in 2012. Many more pockets, which she loves.  In the mean time I was thinking my Mother may like a bag. So I made her a Little Pouch Purse.

It came out smaller than I thought. I laughed when I was done. It is so very cute. Shipped it out on Monday. She should have it before Mother's Day.

Pouch was received today. She loves it. Theses bags are getting addictive.

I am off to clean my house and sewing room. The boys are sleeping over tonight so mommy can go calmly to the hospital in the wee hours, Their brother will be born tomorrow. Grandma is very excited!

Have a good day!!!!

Aileen in Florida

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Diaper Bag and stuff

Its getting closer and closer to the arrival of my 5th grandchild. Sewing up a storm and getting nowhere. That ever happen to you?

I have been working on a diaper bag. I was following a basic pattern as a guide, but had to change many things to make it functional for my daughters needs. She has a toddler that will be 2 years old about 2 weeks after his brother arrives. This bag has to function for both kids.

I think I watched about 50 hours of videos on bag construction so I could get familiar with different aspects, then pick and choose what I needed for this bag. Construction took about 45 hours over a three week period.

I want to thank Vicki Lee Bags by Lynne for the exceptional videos that helped me make this diaper bag a success!

The original bag has 2 flat pockets on either side of the front. I needed a zipper pocket and slip pocket on one side.  Also the original had no side pockets for water bottles. Since this would add an additional 4 layers to the side seams, I had to lower the side pocket so the piping did not hit on the same spot as the front pocket but still be deep enough to accommodate the height of the water bottle. Also had to figure out how to make the side pockets bellow out a bit without putting that seam on the bottom edge of the bag. I put 2 pleats on the bottom of side pockets but sewed it shut  5/8 above the bottom seam. This kept the 12 layers of the pleat out of the bottom seam. (No broken needle!). (Total outside compartments, 5 pockets and one zipper

On the inside divider I added a flat pocket divided into 2 small and 1 large pocket. Nothing on the other side of divider. On back inside wall I put a  14 inch zipper pocket and below that the 3 elastic pockets. On the opposite wall I put another flat pocket with 3 divisions. On the inside sides I installed 1 dimensional pocket on each end. One is for the removable bag straps and the other for diaper cream etc. (Total inside compartments, 11 pockets and 1 zipper)

The bag has a cross body removable adjustable padded strap and regular bag straps, which are removable as well. Then to top it off. I added top flap double zipper to close the bag and keep little people out of it. 

My only regret is the flap pocket zipper could have been about 6 inches longer. If I had used a single zipper instead of the double zipper, I would have gotten those extra  inches. The size of the bag is 20 inches  long by 15 inches tall by 7 inches deep.

My grandson tried to sit in it. He opted for playing with all the pockets. LOL!

My daughter loved it so much she ran around the house looking for a good place to hang it so she could photograph it and put it on Instagram, etc. LOL.

Happy Quilting,

Grandma needs a nap!

Aileen in Florida

Friday, April 7, 2017

Sew Happy Stuff

March is over. Where did it go?

In March I was more active with the quilt guild. I attended several sewing sessions. Have one top mostly done, another just blocks. There is a third pile of blocks that just didn't look good together. These will be cut into different pattern hoping to improve the outcome. The sewing group is trying to make more boy friendly patterns.

I am the newsletter editor for the quilters guild. Took me forever to do the first 2 months. The April addition came together much easier. I revamped several sections. So far good responses for the members.

I decided that I needed to put some stuff away in my sewing room. When you have to put up two tables in the living room so you can sandwich a quilt...its time! To my horror I found 6 charity quilts in different stages of assembly.  To add to this, my retreat quilt that is 98 percent pieced and the quilt pieces from the class I took in mid February, which is at a dead stop.

I also have a diaper bag to make for my daughter who is due May 12, Her birthday is in ten days. I don't know if I will have it finished by then. She said she got a little jealous of the bags I made her sister and niece for their birthdays. The pressure is on!!!

Amber's Purse

Raina's Purse

I also made Raina a pillowcase, shorts and a top. She wore the outfit the next day. Fit pretty considering I didn't have a pattern.

All Smiles!!!

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida

Monday, March 20, 2017

Windy Days

Boy is it windy. I live in Florida and the weather has been crazy here, just like everywhere else. The range of temperatures is nuts. One day it's in the 50's, the next in the 70's and then back down to the 40's and 50's at night.  The best part is using more than one quilt to sleep under! I don't miss living in the north but I do miss the snuggle factor!

I am still working on my Allietare Quilt, I started piecing on February 2. What remains to be pieced are the outer quarter sections all the way around. Then We Can Assemble! Joy, I am almost there. It will be a while until I quilt it. I want to practice ruler work and free motion quilting on smaller pieces first.

 The Guild I belong to has a monthly Art Quilt Challenge. Of late no one was participating. It is a great way to practice your designing, piecing, and quilting skills, in a small format.   I promised to make something for February and forgot about it until I was tucked in bed for the night. I jumped up and pieced together a not so terrific little quilt. I felt like I phoned it in. Not my best work. Its a sad little quilt. However it was one of 3 submitted, so I am glad I made it just the same.

For March, I did much better. I worked on it for a few days. Though I did not win, I was happy with my design and quilting. It's now hanging in my sewing room. The first wall hanging I have made and kept for a long time. It makes me happy every time I pass by it.

Last night I started working on a purse for my 4 year old granddaughters birthday. I made a purse for her mom's birthday a few weeks ago, needless to say Raina wants a new one. It will be My Little Pony fabric. I don't know why I bought so much fabric. I have cut out a purse, short dress, shorts and a pillowcase. I still have enough to make something else.

She has been rocking her new glasses. Of course she picked PINK, it's her favorite color!

Time to hit the road. Many chores to do this cold, windy Monday. Will be back to sewing this afternoon. Raina's birthday is at the end of the month!

Happy Sewing

Aileen in Florida

Thursday, March 9, 2017

March is blowing by

It's been a hectic February and March.

My Grandson had his tonsils & adenoids out the 1st of March. His mother has 10 weeks to go before the new baby boy arrives, and she has a toddler to boot. Grandma was very tired. LOL!

Late January I got Shingles. That was horrible. I was still in pain when I went to Retreat but not contagious!

In February I attend my first Retreat in 6 or 7 years. It's been so long ago that I can't remember. I had a wonderful time.  I got to know some wonderful ladies.

I worked on Allietare quilt. I'm still working on it. It is a Bonnie K. Hunter mystery from a few years ago. I wasn't up to doing it then but took the opportunity to work on it at retreat. It took me 10 days to cut out the fabric!

After coming back, I slept for 2 days! I was very tired but so happy I went.

I took a class from Kathleen Andrews called Convex Illusion. I am still piecing that one. When It is finished it will look like the picture below but with purple instead of yellow.

I decided to put this on hold until I finish Allietare. That quilt is for my bed. It reminds me of fall.

This week was my oldest daughters 41st birthday. She has been bugging me to make her a purse for 3 years at least! Well, I watched about 20 hours of YouTube videos to remind myself how to construct a purse. I have patterns but they have an excessive amount of parts. I am not creating couture for goodness sake.

I did finish it in 7 hours and delivered it to her door. We had her birthday party the day before and the fabric was still being cut.... There is no pattern. I asked her what she was going to carry in it and if she had any request. She wanted a zipper closure and a pocket for her phone, room inside for wallet, keys and a bottle of water. It is about 13wx10h & 2 1/2 inches deep,

At least I did make it. She loves it.

Well on that note I will say adieu. Going to work on Allietare.

This is me entertaining my grandsons at Steak and Shake...silly Grandma!

Happy Quilting

Aileen in Florida

Saturday, January 14, 2017

January 2017

Wow, time just speeds by.  It's the middle of January already.

I did a lot of sewing for Christmas. Sewed about 14 pillowcases, 4 quilts and a wall hanging and a bathrobe. Mad dash to the very end.


Raina's quilt. 

She is 3 years old. Since I made quilts for her 2 cousins, I thought I better make her one. I asked her mother that night if she was sleeping with her quilt. She said, "Oh Yes! She wants to sleep with her Rose quilt"! .....Rose Quilt??? What Rose Quilt???
Rose Quilt. LOL!

Raina loves PINK! The fabric on the back has pink roses on it. She just cracked me up. She is also sporting 2 of her pillowcases, Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell. Got to love it.

Logans Robe

I made Logan a robe about 4 years ago. It was time for a new one. He loved it.

Robins Wall hanging

I made it for my SIL. She hung it in her bedroom. I guess she liked it. 

Lydia's Quilt

This is a mystery quilt from several years ago made with Christmas fabrics. My mothers birthday is December 24. My goal was to finish it and have it in the mail by December 1st, so she could enjoy it the whole month. It arrived a few days later. Mom has always said she gets ripped off because her birthday is the day before Christmas.  I was pleased that she liked it enough to text me a picture. She doesn't like to use text messaging, so this told me she was in love with it. Happy daughter here!!!


This  past year has been an emotional one. Quite often I didn't take any time for myself. I started to burn out badly, though I pushed through. 2017 is also starting with many medical challenges for my family. I need a reprieve..........
With this in mind I asked my husband if I could go on retreat. With his support and blessing, I am venturing out on his 63rd Birthday for a 4 day quilting retreat. I need this!

The hardest part was trying to decide what I want to sew. This years mystery from Bonnie Hunter or make up my own thing. I finally chose "Allietare". This is a Bonnie Hunter Mystery from a few years ago. I wanted to make this quilt but  I was to ill to work on it. With the choice made, I have starched 14 yards of fabric. Cut some strips, sew some parts, and plan to cut out and make all the components so all I have to do is sew, sew, sew, sew!
I also want to bring a UFO or 2 in case I run out of stuff to sew. I am only bringing my featherweight so no actual quilting until I get home. I can't wait.

I can't wait to be in the company of people with the same love of quilting and sewing.

Happy Sewing and Quilting everyone!

Aileen in Florida